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broken arm one

Sophia’s dollBroken arm one is a groovy girl doll with an arm that has been bitten off by our dog Juno and who’s feet have basiclly been torn apart because she gets taken everywhere and is danced all the time she has a twin who’ s the same doll but way cleaner:)Broken arm one has […]

Our Holiday

our holiday was filled with fun : on Christmas eve we went to grandma’s, then on Christmas day we opened presents and had a tinier then usual christmas party  

catching up on Zoe and Sophia

SOPHIA: Recently Sophia was in a play at gigi’s playhouse she was Jessie the cowgirl and toy story was the play.I will post some videos and pictures of the play too! ZOE: Zoe went to acting camp and she partisipated in the play 1776 and her part was the main carecther,John Adams’s page.  more later, […]