1 laptop per child


Here is a great opportunity to give a child you love a laptop of there own, while contributing another to a child in “developing” countries for only $400. This is a really promising program that I hope you all will explore. The computers were developed from the ground up for this program and include a camera, wireless capability, stylus input for drawing, a web browser, text editing, and chatting programs and more. Its based on the Linux operating system and is all open source with more compatible programs in development and available for download. The computer will only be available to NGOs and governments but this is an introductory offer that ends on the 26th, so you have to hurry.


  1. Hey, hurry up and post something else now so we can learn how she’s doing.

    That plus I’m still trying to sweep past Cousin Stacy…

  2. John – you are a very lucky photographer to have such an adorable subject. Absolutely love the latest bundled-up Sophia shots.