Square Sophia Sponge Pants

Everything went smoothly with Sophia’s procedure on Monday. She was able to have all of her food overnight and then just Pedialyte after she got up. Even though we didn’t have the early morning slot, we still ended up having to wake Zoe from her first morning nap (with 1/2 hour naps, we typically don’t have to wake her, so I felt really bad). We spent lots of time waiting beforehand and in recovery, but the procedure itself took less than 2 hours.  This out-patient deal is much better.

After we got checked into the pre-op section, they started checking all of Sophia’s vitals. The guy wanted Sophia to stand at the height chart instead of laying her down to measure her. I figured we could give it a shot, but I ended up with the giggles because of course all she wanted to do was sit. She did have fun with the staff blowing bubbles and playing peek-a-boo between the bars in the crib. Zoe got to play in the hospital crib, too, when we needed a break from holding both of them. John ended up bringing Sophia in to anesthesia again. I had been hoping Zoe would nap after eating, so thought I’d better not get dressed in the suit to go. In the end she got a 20 minute snooze in the 6 hours we were gone! (I guess we should have left her with Grandma).

Sophia struggled this time with the mask, so I’m glad I didn’t go in with her. In the end, I don’t really think I could watch her get put out. I’m glad John can do it, since it is important for her to have someone with her. He had to leave right after she was out. We were back in the stressful waiting room, but this time things were much more relaxed. We could even laugh that the volunteer’s name was Charlie Brown (and wonder who would name their kid “Charlie Brown”?) By the time John had gone to get us lunch and we’d eaten, the audiologist came out to tell us that she’d passed her hearing test (ABR), and they didn’t need to put tubes in. Now we know that if she seems to be ignoring us, she really is just ignoring us).

Later on, the nurse came out to let us know we could go and see her in recovery as she was just waking up. John happened to be in the restroom, so I went in with Zoe, and Sophia was really crying, having woken up in a strange place with strange people. The nurse kindly asked whether Zoe would go to a stranger, and I said she’d been getting better (Auntie Nicole was very pleased last week). Zoe whimpered a little at first, and the nurse told her that her sister needed Mama more right now, and she stopped fussing right away. Sophia, on the other hand, was in one of those confused states like she used to get into when she woke up at night. She didn’t calm down for me or for John when he came in. I think the nurse was right that it was a disoriented cry, not a cry of pain. This apparently happens with the type of anesthesia they give kids. Now that I think about it, she had that same sort of reaction in at least a couple of her other procedures, but there there would have been pain, too, so we didn’t really figure that out. They ultimately had to give her a couple of sedatives and when she woke from them she was all back to normal. I figured things were good when she looked over at me while rocking with John and gave me her scrunchy-nose face. That led to smiling and eventually clapping and dancing, so all was well. She has a bruise on her forehead from one of the electrodes, and a bruise in the inside of her elbow from the IV (and the sticky stuff from the monitors on her chest that I can’t seem to get off), but that’s all. I was very pleased to see they only had to poke her once to find a vein for the IV; this is big progress. Once it was clear the only thing she wanted to do was crawl, the nurse got us ready to go. She had John go and get the car so it would be ready for Sophia. Zoe apparently discovered TV while waiting for us. The only real mishap was when I asked the nurse whether it would be okay to take Sophia into the restroom with me so she wasn’t left alone (and I didn’t want her to think we’d left AMA–against medical advice). She said it was fine, but didn’t remember to tell me there were “precautions” on the restroom. Those were the rules Sophia ended up having a couple of times in the hospital when they didn’t know whether she had something really contagious. Ugh! We washed really well, and things seem to be okay, but there’s nothing like going to a hospital to get exposed to something.

The rest of the week was a little less eventful. The girls, of course, are always doing new and funny things. Zoe’s taken to sucking one thumb and holding her foot with the other hand. She also seems to be able to roll from her tummy to her back. Twice now I’ve found her much further away from where I left her than she could have gone in just one roll. She seems to be keeping this skill a secret; she’ll have to learn some show-off skills from her sister.

Sophia seems to understand the word “clap,” too. I was just randomly singing “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” and she started clapping without me doing it first. Sometimes when we mention that she can clap, she’ll do it. Today, I told her she did a “good job” eating, and she started clapping for herself.
Both her OT and Speech Therapist came on Wednesday, and they got lots of claps, because she was very excited to see them. She was able to show them her eating skills, too, and they seemed to think she’d improved from this summer. She still doesn’t really have the stamina/endurance to eat very much at a time, but she is moving her tongue well and swallowing well. We are working to move more of her food to the day time so we can work on having more regular hunger patterns to try to improve her desire to eat. Her reflux has been better lately, so we are trying to increase the amount we give her at a time (which hasn’t changed since she was about 4 months old). Zoe’s little tummy holds 3 times what we give Sophia, so we definitely have room to grow. The increase has caused some more spitting up, so we’ll continue to do it gradually (it might also be the fact that she likes to bear walk with her head upside down right after she eats–no wonder food is coming up!).

Today, I tried feeding both Zoe and Sophia peas at the same time, to see whether that might help with motivation. I don’t know what happened, but after I gave Zoe a couple bites in a row since she was much more interested in eating, Sophia just started wailing. I know she was overtired, but geez! I don’t think she bumped her head or anything, but I hope her feelings weren’t hurt. Whatever the explanation, it was an unsuccessful first attempt.

Sophia got to experience dizziness for the first time this week. Papa spun her around and put her back down and she almost fell over, and then she cried. I think it will be awhile before she tries the merry-go-round or sit-n-spin.

Zoe’s learning how to blow and how to make raspberry noises. I realized that you sort of see her starting these things and then all of a sudden, she’s doing them like she’s always known how and I don’t mark “the big day.” I hope she’ll understand.

The girls got to see Siobhan, Aisling and Papa’s friend Emil for dinner Saturday night, so they had another audience for their silliness.  They both really like to look at new faces and study people.

The best news of the week is that Sophia got into the ECFE class, so we start Monday morning! Should be interesting to see if she does more than stare at the other kids (hopefully, she won’t try to squish them like she does her sister). Zoe will have some uninterrupted special time with Grandma; it’s a good thing they’ve become buddies this summer.

Lots of pictures this week so make sure you see them all.


  1. Good luck in class this morning. Looking forward to hearing how it went.

  2. Cousin Kelly says:

    Glad to hear Sophia’s procedure went well..Yeah, no tubes!!! Landon has tubes and the drugs they knocked him out with were the same way when he woke up. Very disoriented and confused! I love the new pics this week from the playground! I love the pic of Sophia laughing at Zoe in the highchair!!!! Too cute!