55ccs! yee haw!

Sophia finished her entire bottle of 55 ccs (almost 2 ounces) at one of her feedings today!  She nursed for almost half of her next feeding and was wide awake to hang out with us until she crashed out right before her 10:00 feeding.  She spent a lot of time sucking on Papa’s finger, too.  We are still trying to help her find her own finger, but in the mean time, Papa’s works well.  


Sophie wore purple for the first time today–I just love that she can actually wear clothes now, so she wears several outfits a day!  She nurses in the nude (except for her diaper, of course), so there is a lot of wardrobe changing.  One of the medical students told me today that they decided Sophia was the cutest baby in the NICU (I think she was just being nice, since she was a Cobber (someone from Concordia) and all, but I thought it was sweet).  


As I write this, I’m still hearing the beeps of the NICU; there seems to always be an alarm going off for some violation of some parameter for one of the preemies.  It really is not a peaceful place to be, and we really hope that Sophia can get out of there soon to get some fresh air, feel the sunshine, get licked by her puppy, experience real true silence for the first time, and meet her new friends…