6AM is the new 7AM

and so it goes when Daylight Savings time ends. I think it is just a cruel joke for people with little kids. You feel like you should get an extra hour of sleep like they advertise, but for some reason, the little ones don’t need an extra hour! So, we found ourselves ready to start the day at what is now only 6AM, instead of 7AM (I was actually proud of them for sleeping that long, but it still seemed way too early at the time).

The early start did give us more time to enjoy the beautiful day. We went to the big park in the morning to swing and went to the zoo in the afternoon. We happened to run into Bryant and Hillary at the zoo, so we got to take their parking place (it was so crowded). Sophia tried out her growl at the lions and tiger and even the zebra, but (fortunately) no one growled back at her. They didn’t seem to have any bears for us to visit, so we’ll have to try the other zoo for her to see a bear close up. We spent a lot of time working on their “referential gazes”–following our pointing. They were often more interested in the other people at the zoo, but they had a good time.

Their other big adventure this week was playing dress up during their OT class. John says they just loved it; I’m afraid we have budding princesses in our house. Sophia doesn’t look so happy in the pictures, though; I think her teeth were bothering her. She’s been a really good sport about it, but she did start working on two more teeth this week besides her molars and you can tell they are really bothering her.

It’s a good thing Margie brought fun costumes for them to play with, since we basically skipped Halloween. I figured they would be in bed too early to trick-or-treat, so we only got T-shirts, not costumes. I started hearing the first kids running down the street right after I put Zoe down (and Sophia was already asleep), so I didn’t dare answer the door because they’d likely wake up. So, we didn’t even give candy out; I feel like a Halloween Scrooge. Hopefully, next year we’ll be more spirited. Last year we were in the hospital with Sophia, so it would have been fun to celebrate this year, but it didn’t seem worth messing up their sleep schedules when they are so young.

They slept well enough Saturday to let their Papa sleep in a little on his birthday. We bundled up and walked up to get bagels for him. (The socks Sophia takes off in the stroller have really been coming in handy lately: Zoe wore them as mittens on our walk, since I hadn’t realized her coat wouldn’t cover her hands; I use them to cover the metal part of the swing that Sophia always wants to bite; and I even wore one over a couple of fingers one day when I didn’t quite clean up after Mukwa very well and didn’t want to touch the girls). It was a pretty quick walk (two times through the Ants Go Marching and halfway through 10 Little Monkeys), and they liked getting out for some fresh air. Sophia started raising her arms for the “hurrah” part of the song; it was pretty funny.

We got home, and I took Zoe out of the Bjorn and brought her into the living room, so I could go and get Sophia out of her stroller. I left the door open, listening for her, and then went straight out to get her. I got her coat off, put her into the Pack ‘N Play, and brought Zoe up for her nap. After I got back downstairs, I remembered it was neighborhood clean up day, so I figured I could take Sophia in the stroller while I raked (and Zoe napped with Papa). I got her coat back on and brought her out to the stroller and noticed one of the little flannel circles we put around her MIC-KEY button. I thought it was odd that I hadn’t noticed it before, and as I picked it up, I realized it had her button in it too! I raced around getting her a new button, since I had no idea how long it had been out (and the opening can close within a 1/2 hour). It went in okay, so we were really lucky. We could very easily have been in the ER getting her G-tube re-done. I’ve been over and over this in my mind, and I cannot figure out how it happened. She had a long shirt and long coat on, and rarely reaches up under her shirt, but I don’t think she could have pulled it out from the outside (the balloon was almost fully inflated). She likes to play with the stroller buckles and bounces up and down in her seat, but I don’t see how it could have come out accidentally. Most curious is that I would think she would have hollered out, but she didn’t make any kind of noise. That is the scary part; if I hadn’t gone back out to the stroller (which I normally would not), I would have had no idea that it was out until I fed her, two hours later (unless it started leaking or something)! By then, it would have been too late to put a new one in ourselves. We might be at the point where we have to start dressing her in onesies (I suppose right at the age where they stop selling them). We do have a few, but we’ve tried to avoid it because we have to undo it every time we feed her or give her little syringes of water throughout the day. However, it would be much better than having her tube close up.

After our little scare, we did go out for some raking, and then Sophia went down for a good nap for Papa while Zoe and I went to staff a phone bank. Zoe cooed in the background while I made calls. Aisling and Siobhàn came over and made a yummy birthday dinner, so the girls got to see them briefly before bedtime.

Sophia has been really aggressive with Zoe this week, toppling her over and giving us a big smile. We have to be so careful; I think she could really hurt her, since she usually goes for the neck or the eyes. Zoe is so patient with her, and just topples over (if we don’t catch her in time) without really making any fuss. Once she did get pushed into a baseboard (right after I said: “I should really move Zoe…”) and then she cried for a little bit. I felt really bad when I noticed a little scab on the back of her head the next day. Zoe topples over on her own, too, when she is trying to reach for a toy. Once I saw her get herself back up again from the Boppy, but otherwise, she usually just rolls over and grunts a little.

You’ll see pictures of Zoe this week with a toothbrush; she loves John’s toothbrush that vibrates (an accidental, non-environmentally sound purchase). We’ve started giving her her own toothbrush to chew on after she eats. Hopefully, she’ll be more used to it than her sister. Sophia was okay in the beginning, but now really doesn’t want me to brush her teeth with the toothbrush. I can put toothpaste on my finger and that’s okay, but also very painful (for me). She’ll put the toothbrush in her mouth herself, but isn’t a very skilled brusher yet. Even though she doesn’t eat much with her teeth, I think the reflux is probably pretty bad for them, so we’re going to have to figure something out.

Sophia is really starting to recognize songs and actions. I mistakenly sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as one of her night time songs and she started swaying back and forth really dramatically (I thought maybe it was a coincidence, so I sang it again the next night, and she did it again). One morning when Katelyn was singing in Spanish to Zoe, Sophia was across the room and started twirling her hand around (which is one of the actions to the song). I’d seen her do it before, but I thought she was just looking at her hand and exploring what she could do. We’re already at the stage where we don’t necessarily know where she picks something up. Well, that’s all for now.

The girls’ upcoming week is filled with nurses and teachers (I think we know who’ll be the favorite)…


  1. Auntie Erin, Zoe is about 50% for height and 75% for weight, best I can guess. The only thing new Sophia is putting in her hair is her morning oatmeal…