A Comedy of Errors

All in all, we had a great trip to San Antonio, and the girls got to see/meet many of their Wright relatives.  Unfortunately, all of their second cousins were sick, so they didn’t get to play with little ones.  The bride and groom had also been exposed to H1N1, so the girls didn’t get to follow the bride around in her pretty dress or give them kisses and hugs.  (Thanks, Kelly, for shielding us from the germs during the family pics).  As you can see by John’s pictures, Sophia spent most of her time with the little boys, and Zoe was either eating “mel” (cantaloupe) or waiting under the bridal arch for her prince charming.  Zoe thought little Blake’s white rose was ice cream, and poor Blake asked me:  “What do I do?  She can’t eat it!”

There were a few glitches a long the way, but the girls were great, and they seem to have stayed basically healthy.  When John says ” a comedy of errors,” I imagine he’s referring to his inability to find the closed restaurant he was going to get take out from; and his forgetting to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door, which led to housekeeping coming in during nap time and asking poor Zoe:  “¿Dónde está tu mamá?” which led to her crying until I got out of the dark bathroom with Sophia who had also been napping; and him leaving Zoe’s diaper off for a little too long, which led to her peeing as she ran across the hotel room carpet; and my forgetting that I’d stopped Sophia’s feeding early the first night when I went to hold her because she was coughing so badly, which led to me messing up night #2’s feeding so she got hardly any of it; and me dragging everyone down to the outdoor pool, forgetting that John couldn’t go in; and me losing my phone battery (which later turned up in Aunt Fran’s car), which led to several stops at Sprint stores that either did not carry it and could order it, or my favorite “We’ll be back at 3:00” and it was 5PM!; and me not bringing back up warmer dresses for the girls and the change in TX temps from the forecasted 90 degrees to low 70s, which led to a Saturday morning shopping trip to find warmer dresses in a mall where folks did not seem the least bit interested in assisting us in our mission to find tights and shoes, only to realize when we were getting ready that it really was warm enough after all for the girls to wear the dresses we brought with their little cardigans; and the airlines not letting us reserve seats in advance, and seating Sophia all on her own (clearly, no one was up for sitting next to her and passengers gladly switched); nothing that wasn’t funny in the end…

Its amazing how creative you need to be to entertain toddlers in a hotel room with very few of their things from home.  They got to see TV for basically the first time, but weren’t too impressed.  Thanks to Margie (OT), we spent an inordinate amount of time singing “I’m a Little Acorn Round” (Zoe would request it by knocking on  her head, and Sophia would sign “more” before we were even done).  The girls, of course, also brought their wrestling moves with them (thanks to their Papa).  A couple weeks ago when Sophia started trying to push us over to initiate wrestling, we decided we needed to teach them a sign for “Let’s Wrestle!”  They are very funny shaking their little arms when they think its time (when isn’t it a good time to wrestle?)  If they start trying to wrestle Grandma, though, we may have to teach them about osteoporosis!

They were very happy to be home in their own beds and playing with their own toys and reading their favorite books.  Sophia was all excited to play with her Little People bus and suddenly started crying, so thinking I was helping her get more independence, I asked her to come to me (while I was feeding Zoe) for a hug.  After asking her a few times and she didn’t come, I realized that her arm was stuck in one of the bus windows, so she couldn’t come over to me!  Poor thing!

Sophia’s been going to bed later these days (more like 7/7:30), which is really nice and really helped her survive an evening wedding.  She even had a chance to go to the grocery store with Papa one night before bedtime.  He let her push her own little cart for the first time, and I think the other shoppers must have thought a tornado was going through.  I think she took off quickly because the little girl who had it right before her was crying about having to leave it behind, and Sophia didn’t want to risk having to give it back.  She had her little jean jacket and looked all grown up pushing a shopping cart! She put things in, threw things out, and ran through the store not watching where she was going, as usual.  Of course, she had a blast.

The morning after we got back, we went back to try to get Sophia’s brace refitted.  She was really great; no tears at all this time.  I think it helped that we could put it on, and the scary guy in scrubs didn’t touch her.  We thought it was going to work this time and were even going to try doing it while she slept (which is supposed to work better), but the first night it had slipped way up when I went in to check on her pump beeping.  I guess we’ll have to see if he can think of anything else for her.

Zoe can now say “bubbles” and “apple” and is adding “ie” to words:  Daddy; Mommy; and Nanny (which really is banana, but our nanny Kelly is trying to teach her that she can use it as a name, too).  We finally got her chairs her size, and she loves going in and out of them.  She’s also started standing on them, saying “No, No, No!” (knowing we’ll tell her it isn’t safe).  She’s really practicing her climbing skills now, too.  One night John went into the kitchen to get some water and came back out to the dining room table (about 3 feet away) and found Zoe standing in her high chair in her little feeted pajamas reading a book that was on the table; ugh!

They finally got to get outside today after a week of rain and snow; hopefully there will be more park time this week.


  1. The pictures are great! The girls look like the darling princesses they are and I am looking forward to the story (You teaser, John).

  2. Cousin kelly says:

    Hey….at least you made it to Texas!!!!! So many things were not in your favor during the trip, but nonetheless, you put smiles on so may people’s faces!!!! I just wish Sydney and Landon could have met them! That’s just a better excuse to come visit!
    The girls are beautiful and sweet! I am so glad I finally got to meet them!

    And I didn’t get the swine flu!!! Ha ha

  3. Siobhan Reynolds says:

    Aww! The girls are sooo cute in their dresses! Sophia rocked thoughs pics too.