a comment on comments

My apologies to everyone who has left comments over the past week. The new system requires comment moderation and I wasn’t aware that there were comments that needed moderating until tonight. I am working on a way to have the comments go straight through, but until then I will check more often so keep ’em coming!


  1. Christine Tangen says:

    Sophia looks great!! I’m thinking of all of you as you prepare for surgery tomorrow.
    Take care of yourselves!

  2. Kathy Geary says:

    Deb, John, and Sophia,

    Thanks for how you keep us included in your lives with your journal and photos. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers all day tomorrow. Hope it all goes perfectly. You all win the award for “most hospital time” of anyone I know. Hold hope and courage in your hearts, though that is not always easy.

    All the best,