a few links

I just wanted to share a couple of DS related links I have found recently. Hope you all are having a wonderful relaxing weekend. Happy reading!

  • adopt a mouseThe Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation has an adopt-a-mouse program. For $21 you get a little stuffed mouse of your very own while contributing to research. Why they feel the need to send out a cute little imitation of the very animal they are experimenting on is beyond me, but, it is a worthy cause and, for now, I am trying to overlook the moral conflict this presents for a vegetarian such as myself.
  • The Washington Post has a great article on the increase in prenatal testing and educating prospective parents (and doctors) about Down Syndrome. The author also has a blog with more essays about disabilities that is well worth exploring.
  • CNN has a video interview with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers who recently gave birth to a child with DS.
  • And, finally, an entry from Friendly Atheist. While the original author has some facts wrong and I disagree with her general argument, it did spark a good discussion about the moral dilemma of bringing children with disabilities into the world.

Oh, and don’t forget Friday is national buy-nothing-day.


  1. She’s the most darling little bear…Love the big grins! Thanks for putting the RSS thing on there for e-mail updates, it works like a dream. Now I’ll never miss an update!