And these are the days of our lives

This week Sophia got to ride facing out in her stroller for the first time. John figured out how to get the straps to work on Simon’s fancy stroller, and she loved it. She leaned from side to side, looking over the edge. She was just at the right level to poke Mukwa’s eye and watch her poop. She had a smile on her face the whole time.

Sophia is still struggling with going to sleep at night and ends up with sleepy days. I was hoping that after teething things would improve, but it seems like it will be a long process. I can’t figure out what causes such difficulty falling asleep and wonder if her cognitive level plays any part in this, but since she slept fine early on, I don’t think so. One night she was waving to herself when I went in to check on her; it seems that has become her new soothing behavior. Another night this week she actually fell asleep 15 minutes after I put her down (although she woke up screaming several times during the night) and the next night she was asleep in 10 minutes, but woke up 45 minutes later and couldn’t go back to sleep again for another 2 1/2 hours. This weekend, though, we’ve gone from 1 1/2 hours to 1 hour to 45 minutes (to get to sleep), so I think we are making progress! Even though she is falling asleep late, she has also been waking up pretty late in the morning (9:30), but I hope we can change that before I go back to work. For some unknown reason, she is also sleeping a lot more fitfully and even waking up for quite awhile during the night. She even woke up with bags under her eyes one day. But another morning she woke up babbling like she was doing before she started teething. It was so good to hear her waking up so happy. Last night was her first night in her modified sling, and it went really well. Grandma fixed it so she can’t turn over and around in it so much when she is flailing about trying to sleep. This keeps her (and me) calmer and safer .

Zoe’s big sleep issue is learning to fall asleep by herself in her bassinet. She’d much prefer to be held at all times, but we want to be sure not to get into bad habits with her, so we try to avoid helping her to sleep. It’s challenging right now; we spend a lot of time comforting her to get close to sleep, but hopefully it will pay off in the end.

As I get ready to post this, both girls are asleep in their own beds for a nap; it is quite amazing! Maybe we’ll be turning a new leaf this week.

GI called and said that as it turns out there is no cellulitis (skin infection) at Sophia’s G-tube site. Apparently, there is staph on everyone’s skin, it is only a problem when it gets into an open sore. They also said we could change antibiotics, but the day they said that, she was doing better, so we left her on. Now we wish we would have changed it, but don’t want to go through another whole cycle with a drug that could be worse. Thankfully, we’ll be done Wednesday morning and hopefully her spitting up will improve.

On tax day, Sophia got to wear her “Tax Deduction” onesie to the doctor for a blood draw to recheck her thyroid. The results were normal, so we’ll keep her Synthroid the same for now. We also had the ph in Sophia’s stomach rechecked last week too, and those results were much better, so we are relieved by that.

Zoe is now the age Sophia was when we brought her home from the hospital for the first time. The days sure seem to have flown by much faster this time around. I’m already halfway through my leave; yikes!

I hope the detailing of our sleep and medical issues doesn’t sound like complaining; we really are enjoying this time with our little ones. One of the things I love most about little kids is their pure emotion, and we are really seeing that with Sophia these days (Zoe seems just on the verge of smiling, so I’m sure it will start with her soon too). It is so fun to watch Sophia get the biggest smile on her face when we sing songs with her name in them. I guess they say everyone’s favorite word is their own name, but she sure makes it obvious.

Zoe got to visit my office when I went in for a meeting friday. She was really good until I woke her putting her into her car seat and then she cried all the way out the door and all the way home in the car. Of course she made herself noticed when people heard a baby crying (wailing) in the building, so they came to meet her (at her best!) Hopefully the next visit I’ll remember to put her in to her car seat for the nap in the first place.

Sophia got to sit on a little bench during PT this week. She was very cute, looking like such a big girl. It will help her get stronger, narrowing the base of her balance into her center further, and will help as a transition to standing up. We are hoping that when she can stand, her reflux will improve significantly, so are really trying to help her with that. She is also starting to “circle sit” with the bottoms of her feet together (again requiring more strength). The next step is “criss-cross applesauce” (that’s teacher talk for sitting cross-legged). She is also starting to put her hands together and hold them up. Since her arms are especially short, they don’t go over her head, but it is very cute. She seems to be beginning to associate that action with “sooo big.”

Her favorite thing to do with books right now is to close them, but I guess that is a beginning reading step! We do manage to get her to sit through a few each day. One day when Grandma came to visit, they were reading one of our “Baby Einstein” books, and she thought it was pretty funny that they referred to the cow as a “he.” The editor and author apparently aren’t nearly as smart as Einstein!

Siobhan got Sophia all dressed up for a walk on Sunday (leg warmers, coat, sun hat, and of course BIG sunglasses). Make sure you check out the pics in the “We are One” album. On their walk, the girls stopped by their first lemonade stand, right on the mall near our house. The neighbor kids were very cute trolling for customers on their bikes and collecting their money in a little jar. Maybe the girls will end up being the next wave of entrepreneurs begging their Papa to let them set up the lemonade stand on the weekends. Who can resist cute little ones selling warm lemonade in a Dixie cup for just 50 cents?


  1. Sorry I missed Sophias birthday – Annalise has had pnemonia and been in Hopsital but is fine now. Both girls are adorable! I have had same sleep problems with Annalise too. She sleeps ina cot next to us and is now 10 onths old.. Unless I breastfeed her to sleep there is not a chnace she will go down not even for a nap. But once down we don’t pick her up. We play the same music every single night as a sleep trigger and if she wakes up we turn it back on. We pat and say ‘sleep now’ the same phrase again and again and nothing else. We do this for 1 minute then leave off for 10. Sometimes she cries up to 20 minutes but now she very rarely wakes. It took about 2 weeks to get her into this new routine. When she cried I came downstairs as I could not bear to hear her cry and Jonny stayed in the bedroom so she could here his breath but h would just lay in bed with his eyes closed. Hope this may help. I think its tough to hear them cry but it doesnt kill them and it benefits them in the end if they get better sleep. With Frankie we always hasd a wlk before bedtime so he got big gulps of fresh air too. Maybe this wasnt the place for a big sleep chat! Did the outfits arrive?.Love Beckyxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Christine says:

    I love your updates!! Anytime you want to go ‘up north’ I’ll be happy to have a sleepless night holding, and spoiling your precious little girls 🙂
    One day, you’ll look back and miss all those sleepless nights. I can’t believe my baby will be a kindergartner!! It goes way to fast. Take care!!

  3. Cousin Kelly says:

    Absolutely love th picture of Sophia with the big sunglasses!!!! Too cute! Zoe is beautiful !!