another first

This first isn’t the type parents are normally proud of–she had her first explosive diaper, the kind that leaks out.  Unfortunately, it happened while she was nursing, so she left some on my clothes too (so much for the idea of a winter white wardrobe hiding all of the baby messes).  


The first that we are really excited about is that she took 40 ccs (almost 1.5 ounces) breast feeding–and took a full bottle on either side of that.   The picture above is her “after” picture–on her scale.


I don’t know that we’ve mentioned before that each of her diapers has been weighed here at the hospital.  They keep track of all of her ins and outs, so we cannot throw the diapers away when we change her.  There is a special little diaper scale and everything.  Some of them weigh almost 3 ounces–if we didn’t change her so often, it would be an easy way to put on some weight!