As the wheels turn

It’s been a fun week watching them learn and practice new things. Zoe’s focus is on trying to reach something she wants to put in her mouth; Sophia is focused on how to get somewhere and end up standing up. Zoe can take toys away from Sophia now, so we have to tell both of them to “let your sister have her toy; here’s another one for you.” One day I gave Sophia a different toy after she grabbed for Zoe’s, but then Zoe grabbed for Sophia’s new one, dropping the one Sophia had wanted in the first place. I asked if they wanted to trade, but after Zoe had been grabbing for her new toy, there was no way Sophia would part with that one. Now if we can just figure out a way to turn this competition to our advantage!

Sophia was off to school at Laura Ingalls Wilder School again this week (it always makes me think of the trick-or-treater a couple of years back who dressed as Laura, and when I recognized her costume and told her I’d been Laura once too, she ran down our steps and started jumping up and down telling her mom: “She was Laura Ingalls, too; she was Laura Ingalls, too!” )  You just have to love the pure joy of the little ones. I think the 2 hours of intense stimulation is still a little bit too much for Sophia; I guess she cried at the end again and spent the last 15 minutes on her Papa’s lap. She has fun, but there is so much for her to take in, and it goes right up to her nap time, so it is a long morning for her.

Zoe was good for Grandma, but very grunty. That is still her main way of communicating that she wants something (it isn’t constipation as most people think). I guess it is better than crying, but it can get very insistent. Just tonight I was trying to get her to eat well before she went to bed so she’d sleep longer. She started grunting and wouldn’t have anything to do with eating and insisted on going to bed an hour early. Let’s hope she doesn’t wake up again soon…

Three days this week our extra care providers were sick, so luckily Grandma was flexible and work was too. Let’s hope this is not a sign of the kind of winter we’ll have! Zoe got to come in for another department meeting; she’s going to know so much more about the law than she’d like to. She got to see our cousin Doug that day when he was delivering food from their deli for our lunch. She loved exploring (pinching) his face, and he was a good sport about it. I’m so glad she’s doing so much better about not crying when she goes to other people.

Mukwa is really the girls’ favorite family member these days. Zoe just giggles when Mukwa walks by, and loves it even more when she gets a slurpy kiss. Mukwa seems less scared of Sophia and her quick movements and lets her scratch her face and pet her paws. She tries to kiss Sophia, too, but Sophia doesn’t like it nearly as much as Zoe does. John keeps warning Mukwa that pretty soon she’ll be dressed up for tea parties as the honored guest!

The girls had OT as usual this week, and Sophia made me a nice picture with her dot paints. She also did really well putting things into containers (meeting one of her IFSP goals, yeah!). I can’t seem to get her to replicate it consistently for me, but she did help me put her alphabet magnets away today. Zoe continues to work on her model pose: leaning to the side when she is sitting. She’s doing so well with her sitting that she can sit up in the bathtub now! (She still topples to the side occasionally without catching herself; it is like she is a little weeble wobble).

Sophia is standing for longer and longer periods (increments of seconds) without support. It seems that she is up and down all day long (her teachers say that is really good for her because she uses a lot more muscles getting up than just standing).

We continue to gradually move more of her food into the day hours, but we are still having night leaking problems for some reason. I started using Auntie Erin’s babysitting trick of the double diapers. It helps some, but not completely. Tonight, she has a size larger diaper on the outside, so we’ll see how that works. It’s always such a drag when there’s a leak, because we have to get everything washed, dried, and put back on before nap time since we only have one sling (still better than paying another $120 for a second sling).

Speaking of medical costs, we got our first bill for Sophia’s pump/food (we’d already met our out of pocket max last year before we started using the Pediasure and before we started using the pump to feed her at night instead of waking every 3 hours to do gravity feeds). Our 20% portion was $350 for one month–yikes! We are so thankful for our insurance.

We’ve been continuing to try to spend a lot of time outside and make daily trips to the swings. Sophia doesn’t seem to notice that it is getting colder and still pulls her socks off. There were a couple of pairs that she’d actually leave on, but that little honeymoon is over now. We thought her new boots were going to work great, but she can get them off, too. One day I was strolling down Franklin with a guy running after me: “Lady! Lady! Your boot!” If she couldn’t get them off by kicking and pulling, she’d likely bite through them. They are already really scuffed where she’s been chewing on them (can’t imagine shoe polish is too nutritional). I always feel better when she has at least one sock or boot on so passersby don’t think I’m completely irresponsible, but it doesn’t always work that way. Today, she had to wear tights under her jeans. I think the feet of the tights are now double the size they are supposed to be from her pulling on them, but her feet stayed covered! I guess for the winter I’ll have to look for a large snowsuit with feet, if they make such a thing for kids that would normally be walking. This week brought more comments from people who think we look a little strange walking to the park. Most people just smile or say something about my hands being full, but one guy thought he was funny calling me “power Mom” (is that sort of like “power walker”?) and another woman yelled at us from the bus stop: “Where’s your dog?” (apparently, she’d seen us before?).

The girls walked briefly to see some coworkers on Friday, and Sophia got to see a cat up close and see outlets without covers–big day!

Saturday, John’s Aunt Fran and Uncle Tom stopped by on their way home to San Antonio. It was really great to see them, since it is really too hard for us right now to make an 18 hour drive down there. The girls got lots of snuggles in, and Sophia clapped for her Great Uncle Tom when he got up off the floor (after being down on her level).

Sunday’s big adventure was driving in the car with just Mama (for the first time ever), all the way to Grandma’s church (50 minutes) to hear a live Dixieland band. We separated the car seats so no one would get hurt, and they were absolutely fabulous! We listened to one of their silly CDs and they were completely content the whole way there and both of them slept on the way back–amazing! They were also great during the service. Sophia got big smiles when the band played; she seemed to like the banjo and trombone the best (maybe Grandma can teach her the trombone–at her house!) She bounced up and down in Grandma’s lap and clapped her hands and gave Grandma lots of snuggles. She read books during the talking parts and didn’t even need to get down and crawl or touch the guy in front of her. We just need to work on not putting her leg above her head while wearing a dress in public! Zoe was amazingly quiet since it was nap time. Once she seemed to think their version of “Old Rugged Cross” needed a female vocalist and another time she felt the need to grunt during the sermon (but I don’t think she was the only one). She just wanted to chew on paper the whole time. I made the mistake of giving her an offering envelope at first, and she soaked right through that and when she flung it, her spit landed on the guy in front of her! Of course what she really wanted was the bulletin, but luckily Grandma had this really cool book that looked like paper and was really thin, but it was coated so she couldn’t destroy it (or get paper in her mouth). I was amazed that I made it through the service without crying. I thought it was going to be a rough one after Sophia gave me the sweetest smile during “This Little Light of Mine” and then singing songs from Dad’s funeral, but with the girls all smiles, we were too.


  1. Hi guys. Sorry we missed you at the Apple Orchard yesterday.
    Siobhàn was thinking we could try again for next Sunday.
    Zoe looks great in all the black. She kind of looks like the philosopher she is chewing on. Hoping school went well today.

  2. Cousin Kelly says:

    My mom and Dad said they had a nice time meeting the girls!!! I’m jealous!!!! Tip of the day: Huggies Overnight diapers are lifesavers!!!! They are usually only sold at Walmart or even CVS pharmacy, if it’s up there! It will save you lots of time and washing!!!!

  3. Wow – i’m so impressed that you took your girls to church! Simon has not even lasted through a 10-minute outdoor wedding ceremony (the kid just will not be quiet, especially if he is told he has to be quiet).

    Haven’t tried huggies overnight, but we loved huggies supremes for not leaking. (We had big plans to do cloth diapers, then big plans to do environmentally kind diapers, then decided we needed our sanity and went for the Huggies Supreme!)

    As always, love reading about the girls and their antics, and seeing their fabulous faces in pics. 🙂