back on the bottle

I woke up this morning about 6:00 to a wide open door, Sophia’s blanket off, and her pajamas unsnapped at the top.  I couldn’t figure out what happened–it was too early for labs, too early for the docs, and the nurse wouldn’t have done that.  It was a much different feeling than wondering who’d been in your office using your computer–it was very unsettling.  The nurse came in to refill the syringe of milk, and we figured out that one of the quiet surgical fellows got an early start, phew!


I dressed Sophia in pink pajamas for the day, as we are running out of clothes that snap up the front (so her tube can stick out).  I’ve had a camp song in my head all day–”I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when its hot, and I wear my flannel undies in the winter when its not…”  I’m sure Sophia is sick of the song by now too.  


We were very excited that Sophia was already approved to start bottle feeding (1/2 ounce) every four hours, with the thickener.  She did a great job showing us that she hasn’t forgotten how to eat!  We hope they’ll increase those amounts tomorrow.  She has a half hour off from eating during each 4 hour period, while they try to increase her volume and the rate at which she gets it.  During one of her breaks, we took a wagon ride down to the Mississippi.  She seemed really happy to be out in the wind, going over bumps, and smelling the fresh air.  


Sophia also received her 2-month-old immunizations today.  They delayed them because they didn’t want any complications prior to surgery last week.  I had been saying all along that while my friends are distressed about these shots with their babies, that would be nothing after all Sophia had been through.  Well, I have to confess that I couldn’t look.  I held her hands and kissed on her while the two nurses (with three needles) counted to three then plunged away.  She cried briefly, but then was over it.  They thought she’d need Tylenol for sore thigh muscles later, but she didn’t seem to (we did give her some beforehand).  We also just found out today that because of her heart condition, she’ll need an RSV immunization monthly starting in August or September for the next two years.  Guess there are a lot more shots to come.  These multiple doctor visits will get tricky as we are really not supposed to have her hanging out in a waiting room full of sick kids.  I hope she won’t be afraid of doctors as she grows up.