Back on track

Sophia had a pretty mellow week and has been in good spirits. She worked back up to bolus feedings during the day now that her vomiting seems to have stopped. Her temp is still elevated, and we still don’t know why. She’s also having some trouble getting to sleep, but we hope that is just a phase. Luckily for me, that meant that I still got to see her the night I spent an extra hour getting home from work because of the snow.

Sophia started the week with her monthly Synegis shot (to prevent RSV). Since she hadn’t gained that much weight, she only needed one shot again (so only had to use the $3400 vial, not the additional $1700 vial). We are relieved it is fully covered by insurance as RSV could be really dangerous for her.

Sophia’s physical therapy teacher came this week, too. Since she’s still getting back to where things were before surgery, we are moving sort of slowly, but will have lots to do after the holidays. We continue to work on sitting and rolling back over after getting onto her tummy. Unfortunately, practicing these things led Sophia to urp all over her teacher, but Jane was a good sport and said luckily her last appointment of the day had canceled. We may get moved to the last slot for future visits…

Papa and Sophia took Mukwa out for bundled up walks in the snow. We’re already getting Sophia’s little cheeks accustomed to the Minnesota winters.

We finally got around to taking our holiday pictures this week, so your cards will likely be late, but you can see the little slide show John posted above.


  1. Well, that was a very fun way to start my Monday morning!