Back to School

Two of Sophia’s teachers came for their first visit on Thursday, and she had lots to show them! She’d been working hard on her homework and was happy to hear about her A+ (not even a “satisfactory” but a real letter grade 🙂 ). She had to be sure they were looking when she pulled to stand on her own at the couch. She also had fun cheering for herself when she got the little balls into her elephant head. She practiced her “vocal volley” and keeping both her knees on the floor for crawling. She even managed to give (or really throw or drop) her teachers apples without sinking her teeth into them first. We were thrilled to find out that Zoe will get the same teachers once her plan is up and running. She’s content to watch everything for right now, but I’m sure it won’t be long before she’ll be really glad she gets special attention too.

They reminded us that there are spots reserved for ECSE (early childhood special ed) kids in the ECFE (early childhood family educ.) programs, so we found a Monday morning class that looks great. We are really hoping we get in. Sophia would be able to go with other 12-18 month olds and their parents. (It’s too hard to take Zoe right now since she’s only awake for an hour at a time if we let her nap when she needs to). I can’t believe she’ll be starting school!

We had talked with their PT about possible shoes for Sophia, and she said Payless is the place. Since right now Sophia only has sandals that fit her Flintstone feet, we thought we’d better go school shopping for some fall shoes for Sophia’s first day of class. So, on Saturday, the girls got to take their first trip to the mall. They were both pretty amazed by all the lights and people. Zoe couldn’t stop turning her head, and Sophia couldn’t stop grinning in the shoe store (I think we’re in trouble). We found some little dress shoes and some boots that zip, so she won’t be able to get them off. John had to tell her: “If you eat them, you buy them.” because she was tasting everything we tried on. The lady gave her a sticker, and right away, she pulled it off. I laughed at myself for thinking what a great job she did with her grasping to get that off (I guess we should be encouraging her to leave it on). I suppose she’ll be the kid on Monday with her name tag on the back.

We tried to get some little boots for Zoe, thinking she wouldn’t be able to wear Sophia’s from last year (but luckily, she will after all). Unfortunately, because of Zoe’s cankles (fat ankles, where its hard to tell where the ankle starts and the calf ends), we couldn’t get anything zipped.

Another sign of back to school this week was that we didn’t get to see Siobhàn all week. She and her mom came over on Saturday, and the girls were very happy to see them. Aisling was the first to notice that Sophia has a 5th tooth! I thought her bottom teeth looked a little misaligned that morning when I was feeding her, but didn’t catch the little tooth that had erupted, of course, making the row look a little off center. It seemed that this one came in easier than the first four. She’s been chewing a lot, and not that interested in eating, and has had some sleep issues, but we didn’t notice any swollen gums or anything this time.

Today, the girls got to go to a party for baby Lily. Zoe just took everything in; she’s our little observer. Sophia had fun playing with the older girls who were trying to help her stand by each pulling out on an arm (maybe she won’t have the short arms that are typical for kids with Down Syndrome, after all). I think she’ll really enjoy meeting kids at school tomorrow (if they don’t mind hugs and kisses).


  1. Oh my Franti, I love Sophia’s back to school outfit. She is going to make the other kids so jealous, not to mention their parents.

    Good luck today. Remember separating is hard but you will get through it.

  2. Cousin Kelly says:

    What a big girl….New shoes and school all in the same week!!!!! I hope everything goes well! Good Luck Sophia!!!
    I love the fact that Zoe has cankles!!!!!!

  3. Sophia looks so cute! Have a good week with the gals.