back to school!

It was back to school week for Sophia.  Although she doesn’t actually go into a school building, her teachers are back and will start providing services soon.  We celebrated Labor Day by making our first trip to Grandma’s house since Sophia was born.  She had a little quilt (that my Grandma made me) laid out with a pillow to prop her up and a little gym overhead, with some books to read.  It was very sweet.  Our friends OrLou and Kristi stopped by too, and Kristi met Sophia for the first time.  She had fun until her tummy started hurting.  Papa figured out that if he put a mirror in front of her, she didn’t like looking at herself crying, so she’d stop.  She finally got that nap in that she had been skillfully avoiding all afternoon.  After that we stopped that new medicine that was supposed to coat her throat and stomach and help with the reflux; the constipation it caused wasn’t worth it (it didn’t seem to have changed anything).  By the end of the week, Sophia’s stomach problems were much better.  We are going to see if she’ll start taking some milk orally again. 


Sophia got to go out to eat with Siobhan and Aisling to celebrate the first day of school. It was our last trip to the Totino pizza family’s restaurant as they are closing their NE Mpls location.  Sophia slept in Ais’s arms the whole time.  Siobhan has pictures of Sophia up in her locker, so she can see her anytime she wants to. 


On the second day of school, Papa thought it would be a fun adventure to go to the U’s bookstore to get discounted computer software.  He forgot that the bookstore is the most popular place on campus on the second day of school!  They found the stroller to be a good tool for navigating through the crowds.  Sophia got her first Gopher onesies and loved being outside and I’m sure John loved all the attention he got from the girls.


On Friday we went to see her endocrinologist (Dr. Sir-off-a-glue).  I wonder how long it will take Sophia to be able to say that one?  She said she was looking great—better tone, healthy, gaining weight, great thyroid test results, etc.  She also wanted to know when we were having another baby; well ….  Sophia has not quite crossed the 12 pound mark, weighing in at 11 pounds, 15.1 ounces.  Her last weight might have been artificially high given the constipation problems we were having then.  She has reached 2 feet, so is officially our “two-footer”!  She is 75% on the Down Syndrome growth chart for height and 50% for weight (while staying on the bottom of the other chart).  When we got there, one of the nurses said: “There’s my hair baby.”  Seems like that’s what everyone notices first.  The last time I was there, this elderly woman told me in what might have been Italian that my baby had a lot of hair (the younger woman with her translated for me).  I think what people are probably saying is:  “Look at that wild hair that her parents don’t fix!”  Unfortunately, she has a few cowlicks and with fine baby hair, we don’t really want to put “product” in it.  I do spend a good chunk of time each morning working on the snarls with de-tangler.  She’d have dreadlocks before we knew it the way she gets her hair snarled up every day!


On Saturday Sophia got to take a stroller ride with her friend Hillary (and her parents) to a little neighborhood restaurant.  She had fun seeing them again.  Maybe next time Hillary’s plan to teach Sophia “Hola” will work (we’re hoping for Papa and Momma first, but Hola would be good too).  As long as it isn’t “uff da.”  


Sunday we celebrated Grandparents’ Day with Grandma.  Sophia wore tights for the first time even though Papa couldn’t figure out why they had lace on the butt.  She slept in the stroller while we walked across the 10th Avenue bridge to see the 35W bridge collapse. We also noticed that Sophia is developing a dimple in her right cheek. We’ll have to see if papa can get a shot of it to show you all.


  1. Hadn’t checked on Sophia for awhile, and suddenly her name jumped out at me from my favorites.  I clicked, learned about the new page, substituted it into my favorites, and settled back to read a bit.  What a lovely and uplifting break in my humdrum get-ready-for-hearing day.   Thanks for taking time that you don’t have to keep the rest of us current on all the adventures.  Love you all – Christina

  2. The new site looks great…Deb you were right, I should have read the new entries outside of the office. Happy .5 birthday Sophia, enjoy the party.

  3. Hi Sophia, sorry I can’t come to see you today. I will try and get better so I can come and play before your surgery. Love you! Siobhàn, sal and monkey