Bananas in her hair; bananas in her chair; bananas everywhere!

Sophia’s favorite thing this week was when we finally let her play with her food–mashed up bananas. We moved the high chair into the kitchen, left her topless, and gave her the bananas. She loved feeling them oozing through her fingers and getting to play with her bowl for a change. It’s still hard for her to get things into her mouth while she’s working so hard to sit up; so, she didn’t really eat any of it; she just played. Even though she missed her mouth, she somehow managed to get the refrigerator! It’s apparently good for her to get a chance to have the tactile experience with her food; let’s hope we aren’t teaching her that this is always okay.

Sophia’s least favorite thing this week was yet another doctor’s appointment to get a blood culture and urine culture (because we are on our second month of daily fevers). Her doctor really wanted to get the urine sample with a catheter so there wouldn’t be any chance of contaminants. I explained how three nurses and the urology surgeon couldn’t do it in the hospital, so she agreed that we wouldn’t persist at it. John was right though; since Sophia has grown so much, it went really smoothly. She hardly even whimpered. She did of course cry as soon as the tourniquet was put on for the blood draw, but she got over that quickly too. Best of all, the doctor called to say that all the tests were normal. She says she wants to be able to ignore the fevers since Sophia looks so good, but she just can’t. She’ll consult with the Infectious Disease docs at the University on Monday. We also have a hearing test this week, and they should be able to see into her ears better, too. (She does have especially small ear canals, making it is hard to see whether there is any infection, but the docs have all thought they could see well enough to determine she didn’t have one.) Sophia weighed in at 18 pounds, 10 ounces–bringing her to the top of the Down Syndrome growth chart for weight (about 90% for height) and around 40% on the typical chart. She’s sure come a long way since those months in newborn diapers and clothes.

Sophia also wore her first pair of pantyhose this week (making John a little concerned). Her PT thought that would be a good way to remind her to keep her legs together when she is on her tummy or rolling. She’s (no surprise) outgrown her wrist bands and has moved into my nylons! We just put the top part of the nylons over her thighs once in awhile during tummy time, and it keeps her legs straighter.

Friday we took a road trip up to Pelican Rapids to see Sophia’s Great Great Aunt Hazele who will turn 100 next month. Luckily, Hazele is a little hard of hearing and has trouble seeing, so when Sophia was fussing on her lap, she thought she was smiling and singing! Sophia was a great traveler and seemed to like her new car seat. Now she can actually see out the back. She had really bad reflux all day, even though we fed her slowly on the pump. I hope it isn’t a bad sign for the new seat (she had just seemed to be doing better in her other one). She hasn’t outgrown her first car seat yet, but we will use it for her little sister. We thought we should start getting her used to the new one now and make sure we were ready for the new baby’s arrival. Although most babies can start facing forward after a year, rear facing is safer, and her doctor really wants her to face rear until she is at least 15 months, since her neck muscles are weaker. She can stay rear facing in this seat until she is 35 pounds, so we should be in good shape. I think it will probably be easier with both babies facing the same direction, but what do I know? Unfortunately, these “convertible” seats are huge, and it might not fit next to the other seat. It looks like we are going to have to put one kid on each side with one of us squished in the middle of them! Not only does this not sound very comfortable, but the middle is the safest place for the kiddos, so it’s a shame not to be able to use it. Guess we’ll be renting a Suburban if we take a trip to Texas.

We had a good laugh at our little pumpkin today. She was looking into her favorite new mirror while she was on her tummy, and then suddenly she had moved around behind it. I asked her what she was doing back there, and Papa explained that she was probably looking for her friend in the mirror! Good thing she’s getting a little sister soon; I think she’s ready for a buddy! She was also pretty funny talking back to her quacking duck, using her two new favorite phrases: da da da and la la la.


  1. Auntie Erin says:

    Love how big she’s become, and her color looks so amazing! By the way, y’all might want to hold off on a third baby if you’re having trouble stuffing your future two into a regular car. Just sayin’ is all… 😉

  2. Cousin Stacy says:

    Howdy Guys,

    WOW!!! Sophia looks great…..I LOVE her hair.
    Much Love.