Bashful and Boisterous

Sounds like the dwarves, but it is our girls these days. Some days Zoe is the boisterous one, and Sophia is bashful, but generally, Sophia is boisterous (“Look at me!”), while her sister is quiet and bashful, taking in the world.

Zoe has this great new voice she loves to use and has been getting pretty chatty. She giggles so cute when Papa gives her zerberts on her tummy, when she sees her sister, and when she swings in a swing. She got to go to the park to swing for the first time on her 6 month birthday (Friday). She had a lot of fun (and of course, Sophia did too). We haven’t pulled off the 1/2 birthday cake party for her yet, but she did have a lot of fun at the park and also got a visit from her Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Peggy (and Grandma, too).

We continued to explore the world of food with Zoe this week. (She was doing some independent exploration as well, tasting her toes). After a few feedings of rice cereal, I decided that it didn’t seem to be agreeing with her because her sleeping was much more disturbed and was certainly not getting any better. Since I couldn’t find any barley cereal, which was the next recommendation, I moved on to plain yogurt. After giving her the first couple of bites, John asked whether I checked the date on it…oops! It was a little old, and since I didn’t want to take any chances, I walked down to the store to get a new container. I thought I should get some more that night, because she really seemed to be liking it, and I couldn’t introduce another new food. We tried the yogurt a few more times on Saturday, too, and I don’t know that it adjusted to her all that well, either. She also seemed to be getting that dairy phlegm a little bit. So today we tried avocado, and so far so good. It’s my favorite food, so hopefully, she’ll love it too! This time I remembered to wait to give her a bath until after eating; it worked much better.

Zoe continues to be fascinated watching the world around her. She just loves watching Mukwa (and Mukwa much prefers her to her unpredictable, wild sister).

Sophia, on the other hand, has no time for watching the world. She has really been getting into books this week. She moves the toys away from the front of her bookshelf and dives right in, usually selecting one of the biggest ones, first. Then, she’ll spend some time emptying most of the rest of the shelf (usually right after we’ve just cleaned up). She doesn’t just set them neatly down, but throws them behind her with a lot of force. One day I was trying to change Zoe’s diaper right there, and had to keep blocking books from hitting her. Once she finds the one she wants, she’ll bite it a couple of times and then hand it to one of us to read. She just learned to turn the pages herself!

She is also getting really good at handing us things (when she wants to). She’s finally developed the ability to release (or “re-weese” as my nephew used to say), so we hope Zoe will be safer for Sophia’s new found fine motor skill. Sophia was even able to give Zoe her favorite vibrating ear of corn this afternoon when she was crying (quite a change from taking anything Zoe is chewing on away from her).

Sophia is also continuing to improve her standing. She can go from her bear walk stance up to the couch and reach down again to pick something up. She can stand for a lot longer and is just beginning to work on cruising along the couch.

Her teacher came for class again this week. She reminded us to challenge Sophia more and use “wait time,” to try to get her to communicate her needs/wants better instead of us anticipating them. She also encouraged us to narrate everything we do and give Sophia some selected toys to focus on. Sophia got to show off her new ability to put two little balls in her elephant head at the same time (one with each hand).

While hanging her upside down on Friday, I discovered another new tooth (next to her top right tooth). Later, I realized that the next top one and next bottom one are just popping through too. She’ll double the number of teeth in her mouth in the course of a week! It is great that these are coming so much more quickly than the first ones.

Sophia is getting too clever for her G-tube and sling. Awhile ago she figured out how to loosen the Velcro on the sling she sleeps in to keep her inclined in bed, so now we have to pin it. She was also able to twist so hard that she detached the extra strap Grandma sewed on to keep it stable. The last few days she’s been obsessed with pulling on her MIC-KEY button during her bath. I know she can pull hard enough to get it out, so I really try to keep her from doing it, but she is at that stage where we say “no” and she just looks at us and does it again! Whether it is cords, glasses, her sister’s head, or her MIC-KEY, she is not inclined to listen to “no.” She is also way past crying when we say it.

We finally heard back this week about our calendar contest. Sophia’s picture was not selected; bummer! Their rejection letter said that professional photos are okay, but they really prefer shots of kids in action, etc. So, I guess we’ll submit something with the two of them this year (and not let it look too professional!).

Another big disappointment this week was finding out that there was no room in the class we thought Sophia could go too. She, of course, had no idea, but John and I were both moping around bummed out that we didn’t get to take her to school. She would have had so much fun. Our teachers are still working on trying to get her placed; otherwise, our neighbor suggested a St. Paul class that we might try.

We had two new nannies start this week, and they are both really great with the girls. So, now with them and Grandma, we are covered all week. It’s nice for the girls to get extra attention and for John to be able to get a little work done.

Even though it was a rainy weekend, we did get out with the girls. Today, we went out for breakfast for the first time since before Zoe was born. We thought it would probably be the last time before cold and flu season that we dare take them out to a busy restaurant. They had a great morning, so it worked out well. Zoe chewed on toys the whole time, and Sophia practiced turning the pages of the menu, while using Papa’s hand to point to the words she wanted him to read. Luckily, there was only water in the cup she threw off the table (and not orange juice like the tantrum prone boy a few tables down). The nanny at the table next to us was very understanding of the ice underfoot. I forget that Sophia is very particular about what is on the tray or table in front of her.

We also took a drive to Stillwater to see the “glass” house (or “tic-tac-toe” house as the architect called it)  John has been all excited about. They had an open house, so we went and checked it out. If John has his way the girls’ visitors may soon have to drive a bit further to see them. The girls were troopers all day and seemed to enjoy seeing all the new places. Sophia especially loved sticking her face and fingers all over the windows in the house. Her day went much better than the previous one when she got scared by a falling high chair and by taking a quick dip face first into her tub while squirming. It’s bad enough to get so scared, but it is even worse when you are teething!

PS  There were a few more pictures this week that didn’t fit into the “recent photo” window, you can find them in the gallery.


  1. Wonderful photos of the girls at the park. They look like they are having so much fun. I guess if the glass house works out we will have to rely on the blog for all our images of the girls. That would be so sad.

  2. I think you should consider Sophia on the swing as an entry for next year’s calendar- I love the pic posted on the blog entry or Sophia with a big lip on the swing- they could pass as “common” even though we all know they are done by a professional!

    Those girls are super cute! Give them both a squeeze from me!


  3. Cousin Kelly says:

    Old yogurt…nothing! Reminds me of when I almost brushed a camper’s teeth with Desitin versus toothpaste. Thank goodness he shrugged his nose at the smell…I guess he wouldn’t have diaper rash in his mouth! Zoe’s looks are changing so much! I also agree about the pic of Sophia on the swing!