Big steps!

163SOZO163.jpgSophia had a great weekend, standing all alone without any support for almost 10 seconds. She can even clap her hands or bang two toys together while she’s standing! She gets the greatest expression when she finds herself standing up; she is surprised, excited, proud, and a little scared all at the same time. She is a very determined little girl. We bought her this little push cart to help her start walking, but she figured out in her own how to push a dining room chair around while walking. She will use the cart if we are there, and I think she really could do it on her own, but I hover since it moves a little fast. It’s going to be a whole new world when she is upright and walking. We’ve already had to make her favorite room (the kitchen) off limits since she can fall forward at times when she loses her balance in standing and the floor in there is especially hard.

She also insists on standing during her bath, which makes things a little difficult. I’m worried she’s going to slip out of my wet hands and conk her head on the floor. She also wants to hug me repeatedly, so I get a bath, too. She’s still in the big plastic tub, so she won’t hurt herself on the tub, but the landing on the bathroom tile wouldn’t feel too good.

Zoe learned to say “ba ba ba” this weekend. She also finally had enough of Sophia pushing her down (which is now on video) and pushed her out of her way to see a story. She’s eating Cheerios and other finger foods. She is still trying to figure out how to get at the bit that is stuck in her fist. She spends a lot of time sucking her thumb, trying to get the last bit of food. (Sophia is also practicing with finger foods, but is feeding them to me, not herself. I think this is a good start, to practice her fine motor skills, while smashing the Cheerio into my mouth with her palm).

We tried our experiment with the girls sharing a room, and it went really well the first night (Thanksgiving). I sort of cheated and held Sophia until she fell asleep and didn’t bring Zoe in until about an hour later. She cried at first, so I ended up holding her to sleep, too. Sophia stirred when she heard Zoe, but she seemed to be comforted by her sister being near and didn’t holler or anything. They didn’t wake each other up when Zoe needed to be fed and when Sophia’s pump went off, but they did wake each other at about 5:15 and there was no going back to sleep after that. It took both of us trying to settle them down, but it was futile. Sophia normally doesn’t cry when she wakes up at that time, but either it was her cold or the fact that I was in there nursing Zoe and not holding her that got her going. Papa tried to get her back to sleep, but she was too awake by then.

Zoe has had a few more naps in her crib and seems to be adjusting better. It is so much bigger than her mini-crib that she rolls and scoots and pivots in there. That is probably good for her, but she has been ending up on her tummy and not rolling back over. I hope she’s old enough not to be a SIDS risk anymore, and that she can actually roll herself back over, but she did wake up once with indentations in her forehead from sleeping on her fingers.

We tried the roommate experiment again the next night and all was well from about 6:30 (when Zoe went down) to 6:40 (when Sophia started hollering and Zoe joined in). I tried for about an hour to alternatively get them settled down, but Sophia was really coughing and that scares Zoe and makes her cry. We agreed that it would be best to keep them separated until Sophia gets over this cold.

We don’t really know what she has or where she got it, but she is stuffier as the night progresses, her morning cough is significantly worse, and she coughs up a lot more phlegm. It seems her sinuses must be draining, but everything is clear. She coughed during the day for a couple days, but really hasn’t been doing that any more. She’s been spitting up a lot more again lately, which we attributed to the extra acid in her stomach from teething, but it might be related to extra mucous too. She’s been extra sleepy, which I think is probably mostly related to waking up at 5/5:30AM and not going back to sleep like she normally would because of the coughing. She’s been going down at 5PM to try to get her to get the rest she needs, but she’s still really tired. Hopefully, she’ll be on the mend soon. I called the pharmacy to see if they had any liquid vitamin C we could put into her feeding tube. They said they couldn’t even order it, but I could try to suspend it in water, since it wouldn’t dissolve. I called back again when I realized I hadn’t asked for the proper dose, and she said she would never give it to a baby since it is really hard on the kidneys! Oops. I told the first person who I was, but I guess she either didn’t know us or look to see what her age was, and probably assumed I’d already cleared it with the doc. The nurse said the only thing to do is to give her honey or Karo syrup for comfort and use the humidifier to help clear up any congestion. I let her play in the bathroom this afternoon while I showered to get her a little more moisture into her lungs. We haven’t done that since she was a tiny baby and we’d get up at 6 every morning to draw up all of her meds and feed her before she sat in her little rocking chair in the bathroom while I showered. She was actually good, but did want to be standing at the tub most of the time (until she bumped her chin).

It looks like she is going to miss the first day of her next ECFE class because of this cold. This class is “gradual separation,” so the parents are in a room across the hall for half of the class. It will be interesting to see how that goes. It will probably be harder for us. The day I went I was so nervous watching her during our parent session. At one point she was in the tunnel alone with little Oro, and I was afraid she was going to give him a big scratch or bite if she wasn’t supervised, but there weren’t any screams and the teacher ended up going back up there to check in.

So far Zoe has one runny nostril and seems a little flushed at times, so we are watching her closely too. I’ve given up trying to keep them from infecting each other. They are both constantly chewing on one toy or another–preferably the one the other one has at any given moment. Sophia kisses on Zoe, Zoe’s always touching Sophia’s face, and they hold hands over the high chair tray and through the Pack ‘N Play, so it really is a lost cause.

Mukwa was sick this week, too, with a urinary tract infection, so we’ve been giving her antibiotics. Good thing Papa had practice getting urine samples from Sophia!

160SOZO160.jpgIt was fun to have some extra time with everyone over the Thanksgiving weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma and Uncle Todd and got to meet Siobhàn’s 8 week-old cousin Brighida (and see her Aunt Sarnata). We also all went to the park to swing, which the girls loved, of course.

Sophia can now do the actions for “the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish,” for “open, shut them; open, shut them,” for “down came the rain and washed the spider out,” and “stomp your feet, clap your hands.” She is also signing “all done.” It is very cute to watch her look at a book on her own (turning the pages herself, yeah!), closing it up, and signing “all done.” Most of these things appear when we aren’t coaching her. She seems to initiate them more when we aren’t doing them ourselves. Her teacher wants us to get her to ask for a turn to do things. She has started responding when we say: “Sophia’s turn,” and she’ll drum her fingers on the couch or window, but we still need to get her to ask for it herself (and to ask us in a way other than grabbing our hands).


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Way to go Sophia!!!! She is going to be all over the house soon!