How to pack for vacation: 5 tips

I am  going to Portland,Oregon in a few weeks so i thought i'd  share a few tips w/ you !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    tip 1 : write yourself a DETAILED  packing list! not just one where you say like 5 t-shirts 2 pairs of … [Read more...]

broken arm one

Sophia's dollBroken arm one is a groovy girl doll with an arm that has been bitten off by our dog Juno and who's feet have basiclly been torn apart because she gets taken everywhere and is danced all the time she has a twin who' s the same doll but way cleaner:)Broken arm one has a permanet stain on her neck where Sophia holds her. … [Read more...]

Our Holiday

our holiday was filled with fun : on Christmas eve we went to grandma's, then on Christmas day we opened presents and had a tinier then usual christmas party   … [Read more...]

catching up on Zoe and Sophia

SOPHIA: Recently Sophia was in a play at gigi's playhouse she was Jessie the cowgirl and toy story was the play.I will post some videos and pictures of the play too! ZOE: Zoe went to acting camp and she partisipated in the play 1776 and her part was the main carecther,John Adams's page.  more later, ZO … [Read more...]

we’re in 4th and 5th grade now

Sophia is in 5th grade and I (zoe) am in 4th grade at Seward Montessori in Minneapolis.About 5 years ago we  moved to St.Paul the summer before  I was in kindergarten but stayed at the same school and have lived here ever since. more later, Zo … [Read more...]

We have a 3 year old!

Sophia turned 3 on Friday and gives you a big smile and holds up a few chubby fingers when you ask her if she's 3. We tried out the toddler open gym time at Gleason's Gym Friday morning, and they seemed to have fun crawling on the pads, walking on the squishy floor, and bouncing on the big trampolines. Zoe's favorite part, predictably, was the chairs and the play kitchen set in the waiting area; she also thought the drinking fountain was pretty great. Sophia loves the padded slide and watching … [Read more...]

Two are Two!

Our little Zoe turned 2 on they are both 2 for the next 3 weeks. If you ask her how old she is, she will tell you "two," but she hasn't quite mastered holding up 2 fingers yet. We had ECFE on Friday, so they sang "Happy Birthday" to her (regular and "dance" versions), and had her favorites (cantaloupe and ice cream) for snack. She woke up to a new doll house and stood looking at it with a big smile saying "Excited!" On Saturday, we drove to Pelican Rapids to celebrate their … [Read more...]

A Heart of Gold

Note: Sorry for the delayed message; we apparently had a hacker in our site and we've had less time to do this taking care of two little ones this time. Apologies in advance for the length of this: Friday, Surgery Day: Sophia woke up around 1AM and I brought her into our bed thinking maybe the extra snuggles would help her sleep (and help us with our anxiety). She did pretty well until she heard the little gentle noises that precede the alarm (haven't had to use an alarm in ages). Then … [Read more...]

Surgery Day Updates

8:00 - Sophia was just taken into surgery. 11:21 - We were just informed that Sophia has been taken off of bypass and is doing well. They are finishing up so we should be able to see her within the next hour. 1:45 - Sophia is out of surgery and in the PICU now. She was just extubated and is looking great. … [Read more...]

Pre-op went swimmingly

Our appointment this morning for Sophia's pre-op went great. She is scheduled for 8AM surgery tomorrow, with a 6AM arrival (luckily she's been practicing waking before 5 for the last couple of months)! They anticipate it taking 1-1/2 hours just to put in the IV lines, get her set on the heart/lung bypass machine (which freaks me out to even write), etc. Because she is "hard to poke," I guess it takes longer. Hopefully, they'll go straight for the easy veins and arteries so she isn't pricked … [Read more...]