We’re Set for Friday the 5th

The surgeon consulted with the pediatrician we saw for Sophia's rash, and they concluded that it was fine to schedule her for surgery this week. In the meantime, her rash continues to improve (and so does her cough/cold). So, it looks like we are set for Friday the 5th, barring anyone else's emergency. We do have pre-op on Thursday at 7:45AM, so we should know more then. We also have a back up pediatric appointment on Wednesday just in case we are feeling like we need to have one more look … [Read more...]

No Rash Decisions

Sophia's rash is still lingering more than another week later. It seems to have become a little less red and irritated this weekend, however. The surgeon is consulting w/ dermatology on Monday and plans to schedule surgery for the week of the 1st if he gets the go ahead. We've been happy to have extra time to prepare, but as terrified as we are, we feel like it will be good to get it scheduled. Someday soon we'll update you on the rest of So & Zo's adventures. As Zoe would say: "Ha Ha … [Read more...]

No Surgery Today

Surgery has been postponed due to a rash. Sophia developed a rash a week ago on the back of her leg which has subsequently spread to her shoulder, hand and chest. We took her to the doctor on Saturday and he didn't think it would be an issue for surgery but during pre-op today they decided that it would be best to wait until it clears up. So...we are back in limbo. … [Read more...]

Subaortic Membrane Surgery Announcement

We received the call from the University that we have been waiting for. Sophia has been scheduled for a pre-op visit on Thursday and for surgery on Friday afternoon. … [Read more...]

Party Girls

Well, the holiday season has certainly led Zoe to believe that each day is another party.  She thinks each car trip should end at a party (preferably at "Ish" (Aisling's) "house").  They started with the Down Syndrome Ass'n's Christmas party.  True to form, they spent most of the time climbing the play equipment, until the music started, and then they were off to watch two funny little old men play carols.  Unfortunately, the wilder one was dancing so much that he almost stepped on Sophia, but … [Read more...]

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters

The girls are so into each other these days.  Sophia signs that she wants to write Zoe's name over and over again when she's drawing and when she's telling us to write.  When she hears Zoe waking up from a nap, she squeals.  When we go to get Zoe, she is always most interested in seeing "Sah wee wee."  The other day when I got home from work, I thought Zoe was coming over to see me like she usually does, but as it turns out, she just came over to hug Sophia (who had actually come over to greet … [Read more...]

“Bumping up and down in [Life’s] little red wagon”

Well, the thing about going so long between posts is that there always seems to end up being both ups and downs by the time we write.  This time is no exception.  On the up side, the girls continue to grow in communication and in their senses of humor.  Zoe has learned several new words, including renaming John "Poppy," and hiney (which I kept thinking all day was "ah-knee" until I saw her little giggle and remembered John working on it with her this morning).  She can say "Zooo-ee" and "Sawee … [Read more...]

A Comedy of Errors

All in all, we had a great trip to San Antonio, and the girls got to see/meet many of their Wright relatives.  Unfortunately, all of their second cousins were sick, so they didn't get to play with little ones.  The bride and groom had also been exposed to H1N1, so the girls didn't get to follow the bride around in her pretty dress or give them kisses and hugs.  (Thanks, Kelly, for shielding us from the germs during the family pics).  As you can see by John's pictures, Sophia spent most of her … [Read more...]

Growing Strong

We were back to the docs again this week.  They both had check ups on Monday.  Sophia really lucked out and got the nasal flu vaccine and the doc said we really didn't need to draw blood to check her thyroid because she's been so stable.  Phew!  She even tolerated getting her blood pressure checked.  Zoe had to get the actual flu shot and had another immunization, so she wasn't so lucky.  They are growing well; Zoe is  a little over 25 pounds (69%) and 32.5 inches (71%) and Sophia is almost 30 … [Read more...]

Potty Talk

Well, today was Day #4 of Zoe successfully telling us when she needed to poop and her then pooping on the big girl potty!  Such excitement in not changing poopy diapers!  She signs "diaper" or "potty" and seems to give us plenty of notice; today there was actually too much notice.  After lunch Papa took her up when she asked, but then she didn't go until a couple minutes later when she was back downstairs again.  Tonight, I thought the bathroom routine might just be a delay tactic, but on the … [Read more...]