Swimming like fish

We started swimming lessons on Saturday, and they both loved them!  We weren't sure what to expect since neither one of them had been in a body of water bigger than a bathtub (and just recently moved up to that).  I had packed two separate bags thinking we would each take one into our respective locker rooms, but when we arrived at the Midtown Y, they said we could go into the "family locker room."  We got to get ready in our own little room with a private shower (guess things have changed since … [Read more...]


The girls' imitation skills have really improved this week.  John taught Zoe to give him a little "Raise the Roof" which she loves to do, and Sophia has picked it up, too.  Sophia surprised me one night when I brought Cheerios in to Zoe and she made the little "O" shape w/ her thumb and pointer.  She's also been copying me when reading their sign books:  she can do "cheese" and "ice cream" and "drink."  I hope she'll actually want those things some time soon.  She was also really funny one … [Read more...]

These (feet) are made for walking!

It was a big day today (besides it being Aisling's birthday).  Zoe took her first unassisted steps (to get to her teacher Jennifer!)  Toward the end of the week, she had been standing without hanging on more and walking with just one handed support.  Yesterday, it looked a few times like she was considering taking a step and then she did lunge a couple of times to some furniture, and then, suddenly today, she was doing it!  It's of course still much faster to push the cart or crawl, but she … [Read more...]

Oahu photos

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Hello Dolly!

The girls have really been into their dolls lately.  Yesterday, they were hugging and kissing their different body parts with their Hugs and Kisses book.  They are still getting the hang of it though; Zoe baths Athena tummy down in the tub, and Sophia gives Stella the sippy cup to her lips and to the back of her head!  One of Zoe's favorite things is to play with her Little People and wooden doll house dolls.  She can sit for quite awhile putting them in and out of of their various chairs.  She … [Read more...]

All Done!!!

Both girls have started to regularly use their sign for “all done.”  Sophia is very adamant, waving her right arm to tell us she doesn’t want that book, doesn’t want that song, doesn’t want her sister to be listening to the book, etc.  She even told me to stop teasing her that she was a “manipulator!”  Her action is similar to the wipers going “swish, swish, swish,” but has its own insistence.  She even uses it at night to tell me when she doesn’t like the song I’m singing to her (which is guess … [Read more...]


Sophia has been really enjoying one of her new books that has different kid faces expressing different feelings. She's really caught on to "surprised," and throws her hands onto her face when you say "surprised!"  Zoe, of course, wants to imitate her sister, whether it is standing on her head or making cute gestures.  Her "surprised" started out looking like "Doh!" but she's refined it now so it is a little closer to surprise. They are both using a lot more gestures to communicate.  Zoe used … [Read more...]

Walkin’ along, singing our songs, side by side

We finally ordered a double stroller as Zoe was about maxing out her Bjorn (and our backs).  I was nervous about getting the side-by-side kind, but knew they'd much prefer to be able to see each other.  So far, no one has a gouged eye or bald patch in her scalp.  We can see them pretty well while we're pushing, so I think it will be okay. They'll just have to coordinate their "wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish" a little better so they don't conk each other. During OT, they made little … [Read more...]


We had a big adventure today and went to Mall of America!  John has been suggesting this for ages, and that we could actually go is a sign that life is getting more normal.  The girls had a great time.  They had so many things to watch and people to smile at.  Sophia was looking up most of the afternoon; she reminded me of my first graders from Annandale when we took the downtown Minneapolis for the holiday show...sheer amazement.  Poor Zoe was referred to as a "he" by the only two people who … [Read more...]

Let’s Eat

Today was our first attempt at starving Sophia to try to get her to learn to eat... and it was completely unsuccessful.  We didn't feed her anything overnight, so she should have been pretty hungry by morning, but really had no interest in eating.  She played a little at one feeding and took a couple small bites at another, but not enough for her to get any sensation that her hunger was being addressed.  By 10:30 she was really unhappy.  I decided she wasn't going to be able to learn when she … [Read more...]