Bye Bye Oompa Loompa

cosoompa.jpgWe took the girls back to the pediatrician on Wednesday. John got a good wide-eyed stare from the couple who brought the Grandma along to the appointment for one baby, while John was carrying two by himself! Zoe had to get her bilirubin level checked with another heel prick. Unfortunately, we forgot the corn syrup, so she didn’t have anything to soothe the pain. The level was down from 16.5 to 12.6, so the doctor said she didn’t need to get any treatment for her jaundice. She’d also gained 6 ounces in two days, so they were pretty confident she was doing fine! I think part of that weight gain is attributable to the two scales at the office not being aligned, but in any case, she’s gaining well (she also gained back the 7 ounces she lost after birth in just 4 days). She’s fitting into her clothes much better now that she is growing and actually stretching out her limbs and is no longer looking like an Oompa Loompa from the jaundice.

Sophia also had to be seen that day for another try at her blood draw. This time they tried a finger prick for the first time. It drew blood fine, but it took forever to get three vials worth. It really is just agonizing to watch these blood draws. John has to hold them since I have such a weak stomach, but it is still awful to hear their cries. Hopefully, they won’t have to continue to check Sophia’s thyroid levels so frequently in the future.

The next day Sophia had occupational therapy. Her OT brought helium balloons for Sophia and Zoe. Sophia had lots of fun batting at it, pulling the string, listening to Papa make it make funny sounds, and just looking at it. She also had a fun time trying to imitate her OT knocking things off of her head. It’s fun to see that she is starting to recognize her teachers when they come and really likes to interact with them and is even beginning to giggle for them.
On Friday morning our friends from Camp Friendship, Christine and Chris, came to meet Zoe and check in on Sophia. They gave us hope that one day we’ll be beyond diapers and naps…it seems like it will never come. I wouldn’t give up this great stage for anything, but it sure puts limits on what you can do when Sophia needs two or three naps a day. If she sleeps at all, it is only in one of two rooms (on one of our laps) and we have to start bedtime around 5:00 so she’ll maybe be asleep for the night by 8:00.

The girls also got to see Grandma, Nicole, Aisling and Siobhan for dinner on Friday. Sophia had a rough teething/no-nap day, so we all got a little traumatized by her crying and Papa’s persistence in getting her to nap.

Sophia is having a lot of fun getting herself into sitting. We really have to watch her because she isn’t stable enough to sit alone without the possibility of falling sideways or backward, but she can decide to sit up whenever she wants to! We also of course have to watch her with her baby sister. At one point this week, we heard Zoe cry, and there was Sophia laying right on top of Zoe’s legs with a big smile on her face.

On Saturday we took them out for a walk in the snow. Zoe got her first ride in the Bjorn (which apparently helped her lose her umbilical cord), and Sophia got to ride in her sled again. We tried letting her sit up in the sled, but after she kept leaning over the side into the snow, we figured that wasn’t working so well. By next winter, she’ll be ready for that, and hopefully by then we can trust her not to kick her sister in the head! I think we spent more time getting everyone ready for the walk than we actually spent on our walk! I guess you get better at this as time goes on.

Sophia is still struggling with her teething, but is having fun feeling her new tooth with her tongue. Zoe is sleeping better at night, managing to get through a few hours without needing to be held constantly or grunting and last night actually only ate every three hours (much better than every hour and a half!).


  1. Auntie Erin says:

    You two are saints. That’s all I’m sayin… Will have to head over there as it appears you’re all up for company? Would love to meet Zoe and play with Sophia. Are evenings okay or would the weekend be better? Kisses!

  2. I knew you loved me. Weekends probably work best for you since Sophia is being put to bed between 4:30 and 6 depending on her day. kisses right back!