bye bye oxygen, hello home!

Although she was briefly put back on a flow last night Sophia has been going all day without oxygen and her stats are remaining steady. She has also refrained from spewing all over me… for the most part, which means that all in all she is doing very well. Now if she can just keep this up and put on some baby fat then we are well on our way to taking her home for the first time.


It’s so fun to finally see those cheeks again and put clothes on her that have to go over her head! It seems that she keeps her food down better if we put her straight into her raised bed after feeding, so we are having to resist holding her so much. The burp cloth you see next to her face has become a constant part of her bedding…


It seems that the main issue with feeding and growing is her strength. The doctors seem to think it will just take her time for her muscles and her cognitive levels to mature enough to make that happen. If it doesn’t happen on their time frame, they keep talking about a “G tube” for stomach feeding. We are really hoping it won’t come to that, but it would be a way to get her home.