Calendar Poll

The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is seeking photo submissions for their 2009 calendar and we would like your help in the selection process. We have narrowed it down to 12 of our favorites and placed them below. Please choose one picture and vote in the sidebar. Or, if you have a favorite out of the many other excellent photos of Sophia from the galleries and feel it has been overlooked unfairly you can vote for “other” and do your best to describe it to us. Thanks for helping out!


  1. Joni Verdina says:

    love pretty in pink!

  2. Oh ladybug…we will be sure to get the outfit back so ______ can have her photo taken in it too.

  3. Ann 'Recipe' says:

    They’re all so darn cute, how is a person supposed to choose only one???? Well, I did my best!! 🙂

  4. Can you submit more than one? I vote for Pretty In Pink, Ladybug, Momma & Sophia, and Massage Smile.

    The only thing more beautiful than your photographs is your daughter. She’s yummy! 😉