Crawling, Clapping, Stomping, Standing, and Waving!

JTW-4154-5.jpgWhat a week!  Zoe is having lots of fun imitating her sister clapping her hands and stomping her feet.  It’s so funny that she thinks you have to be sitting down to stomp your feet; when she heard John say “stomp your feet” to Sophia and Sophia starting stomping, Zoe had to sit down from her standing practice to do it, too!  She’s a little off balance, but she sure puts her heart into it.   She can also now move her hands like she’s clapping, although there isn’t much (any) sound yet.  She even tries to do it while she’s sucking her thumb.  Zoe is also waving (flapping her arms) more regularly at people to say “hi” and “bye. ” Not to leave PT off the list of milestones, Zoe stood for a brief second on her own and started to crawl forward (off of her belly) this weekend.  I had told John she’d done it, and then later when he actually saw it I heard him yell excitedly:  “She did it!” as though I’d made it up?  He dutifully got out the video camera to capture the excitement. It is really shocking to suddenly see her mobile.  We are so used to being able to leave her in a general area, but not any more.  I left her across the room with some toys today while I fed Sophia, and it didn’t take too long for Zoe to get over to our chair and want to sit up and read with us, too.

Unbeknownst to me, Sophia learned “kick your legs” as part if the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song.  We were reading stories while I fed her and we got to that line, and she started kicking wildly, splashing milk all over herself, me, and the chair; oops!  John thought it wasn’t a very good idea to read action books while I was trying to soothe her before her nap…  Sophia is also doing a really great job of turning pages in regular books; it seems like we were just trying to figure out how to teach her to turn the pages in board books!  She is so intent and just pages through the books, staring at the pictures.  As I told my friend Annie tonight, she believes books should be able to be touched and seen at all times; they should not be shelved. We must re-shelve books a dozen times a day.  John tries to get her to read one at a time, but that’s a lesson that isn’t catching on very quickly.  Coincidentally, just as we can start to trust her with the books, she can reach the third shelf where they’ve all been protected.  Not only can she reach higher on the bookshelf (on her little tippy toes), but she can also reach farther onto the table and the server.  We are having to constantly remind ourselves not to leave things too close to the edge of the table.  Last week the peas were more of an inconvenience, this week the coffee was more of a safety issue.  Luckily, the cold air cooled it off between the coffee shop and our house, and although it scared her, she wasn’t hurt at all.  I think she went to ECFE smelling a little like java, but hopefully that was better than what kids her age usually smell like!

The girls have discovered Papa’s iTouch and love to listen to it and watch videos and slide shows of their pictures.  Sophia tries to put it up high so Zoe can’t get it and squeezes it to see what it will do.  Zoe likes to crawl to get to it, if Sophia will let her.

Sophia had started a little diaper rash last weekend and when it wasn’t better by mid-week, we made an appointment with the doctor.  He prescribed Nystatin (for the yeast) and Bactroban (for the bacteria).  We used to have to coat her mouth with Nystatin when she was on antibiotics, but now she has the cream version for her bum.  I asked what we could do to prevent it in the future, and he (a doc we’d never seen) said he likes to put diapers on so they touch as little skin as possible!  I think he really meant that we should fold the tops down, but it sounded funny to me, as I typically want the diapers to cover as much as possible.  The rash seems a little bit better now, and not any worse, but it still looks like it really hurts.  She hasn’t seemed to itch at it or anything, but I imagine it bothers her.  I asked the doctor whether we should stop bathing her with her little sister while she has this rash.  He looked at me funny and said:  “She has a little sister?”  “How old is she?”  When I told him 11 months, he just grinned and left the room.

A couple of days later about mid-morning, Sophia ended up with a little rash on both of her cheeks near her hairline.  I was concerned that it might somehow be related to her diaper rash, so called the nurse (again).  She wasn’t concerned and recommended just washing her face, that her skin must have been irritated by something.  I did that, and wouldn’t you know, it went right away!  How embarrassing that she just needed her face washed!  You’d think my neuroses would diminish as I did this longer…  However, I do learn; when Zoe got a little rash on her face today, I knew just what to do!  Hers is gone now, too.  I don’t know what is causing these irritations, but I know how to get rid of them!

Both girls also ended up getting out of order teeth this week.  Zoe’s top right front tooth is on its way in (after only getting one bottom front tooth so far).  Her fever is gone and her appetite seems to have returned for the most part.  I also discovered that Sophia is getting her first two-year molar, and she is still missing two of her other top teeth.

Sophia’s comfort thing seems to be playing with her basket of burp cloths.  She can sit for several minutes and take them out one by one, looking at each pattern, feeling each type of fabric, and making several new piles.  One night I got home from work and didn’t hear her little tripod crawl coming toward the door.  John explained that she was busy with her cloths.  I guess it is a big milestone that the burp cloths are more of a toy than an actual towel.  I still remember the day that John had to do a load of laundry mid-day because she’d been urping so much (and when repeating that story to a co-worker, she said:  “Do you realize how lucky you are?”).

Sophia’s naps are going well; we compromised on holding her until she was on the verge of sleep, but still awake (basically quiet and still).  I’m back to doing that at night again as she’s been having more trouble getting to sleep very quickly.  I think she misses her sister or else we haven’t quite found the perfect bedtime.

Zoe went a couple of days without sleeping for her first nap, so I thought I’d try again to have her take “age-appropriate” naps (two:  morning and afternoon).   I started by delaying her morning nap today, but she was really overtired by the time I put her down.  She did sleep for an hour in the end, but it really wasn’t the best move.  I’m sure it was even harder because she’d missed out on about 1 1/2 hours of sleep overnight, so I’ll try delaying by maybe just 1/2 hour tomorrow morning.  I’m sure before we even blink, she’ll be down to one nap a day like her sister.