“Did someone poop, or did you cook broccoli again?”

Needless to say, John isn’t too fond of Zoe’s breakfast of champions:  steamed broccoli (along w/ eggs and toast).  Zoe, on the other hand, likes it so much we found that she had stored some in her “bee-bo” (belly button) for later.

The girls had lots of outings this week, visiting both zoos (Sophia loves the people at the zoo, and Zoe keeps asking for “more” animals).  Zoe’s favorite at the “new Zoo” was the prairie dogs (I guess she takes after her Mama), while the flamingos seemed to be the hit at Como.  They also got to see Hillary and Lily at Como, which more than made up for the primates they missed because their stroller was too big to fit through the door (not to imply the Noice girls are monkeys…).

Their longest trip was up to Pelican Rapids to visit their Great, Great Aunt Hazle, and Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Peggy.  It was a 3 hour drive both ways, with about 3 hours of visiting.  The girls were really great.  We made it more than 2 hours w/o a stop on the way up and didn’t stop on the way back.  I think we ended up singing for the last 45 minutes or so after Raffi stopped doing the trick.  As luck would have it, only one song seemed to calm Sophia, so Grandma got to have “Hello, Sophia, duo, duo…” running through her head all night.  When we first got to town, they got a tour of Jim & Peggy’s new house and got to play with their special toys (and Zoe got to try a cookie and a rhubarb bar).  Then we left for the nursing home where they got to see Hazele and their Great Great Aunt Mabel who is also temporarily in the nursing home, and also saw friends Harold & Melinda, along with a lot of the nursing home staff who are regularly “invited” to look at all of Hazele’s pictures of the girls, and now “know” them well.   I was nervous they would be scared of Hazele in her wheelchair and all (in addition to being a stranger), but they were actually pretty good.  Sophia would tickle her and share my keys with her (and sign to the staff that she loved them).  Zoe actually sat on her lap (probably because she was facing me the whole time and didn’t really realize where she was).  They showed off their walking and smiling and didn’t have any delayed nap meltdowns.  Unfortunately, Sophia was so overtired that when she heard Melinda ask:  “Do you think I could hold her?” she burst into tears.  (Her teacher did say her comprehension was one of her strongest skills…)  Obviously, we pushed them to their limits before we left, but as we expected, Zoe crashed right away, and Sophia didn’t sleep at all, but was relatively content in the car.

Our other car adventure (other than swimming and music) was a visit to the cemetery to see their Grandpa’s grave.  It has been 4 years this week since we lost my dad, so we thought it was a good time to take them out there.  I wish they could have had a much different visit with their Grandpa, but that’s not to be.  He would have loved this snuggly, silly age when there is no back-talk :-).  It was also a good opportunity to count our blessings as Dad is resting near cousins–one still born and one almost two, who died after heart surgery.

As long as I’m on a sad note, I should share my scare from this morning.  Sophia had been hollering/crying out more than her usual stirring sounds in the morning, which I thought meant she was really tired and needed to go back to sleep; as it turns out, though, at some point, one of the buckles on her sling had become disconnected, so she’d slid down so her chin was just above the chest strap and her arms were straight up.  Although, she really wasn’t in any real danger,  she looked so trapped when I saw her that it really scared me and just made me sob.   I still think this is a better option than the risk of her twisting the tubing around herself, but we may have to consider that soon.

This is our last week of services from school, so the girls will have a full week of teachers and then have about a month before they see them again.  Let’s hope they can both clear up their Mama/Papa confusion this week.  Sophia signs “Papa” for both “Mama,” and “Papa,” and  Zoe also appears to be saying “Ma” or “Mama” for us interchangeably.


  1. Poor grandma! That duo duo song is pretty catchy.

  2. Cousin kelly says:

    Oh no….I had the same scare with Sydney as a baby. She slept in a Tucker sling (due to acid reflux) as an infant. Apparently, one night, she wasn’t strapped in as tightly as she should have been. Needless to say, we woke up to her hanging upside down by one leg…..The only comfort in that, was the tucker sling was completely surrounded by her crib!!!