dispatch from the trenches


So, I have survived this far without anybody losing any fingers or toes. Although it was nice to spend some quality time on Monday alone with Sophia, it was good to have Deb back home on Tuesday and ease into this whole Mr. Mom bit I have adopted.  


On Tuesday the home health nurse stopped by. Sophia only gained 1/2 an oz since Friday. Dr. Jacobs said that he wanted her gaining 1/2-1 ozs a day.  Sophia also needed to have her glucose levels checked since they were high on Friday, which required getting her heel pricked not once, but twice (and it turns out they are fine they just did the test right after she had eaten on Friday). We were also under the impression that the school district lady was going to be stopping by with their OT to assess Sophia so we could get a plan together, but she called and said that they would be out next week. Somehow the signals were crossed, but at least Deb had an excuse to take off from work, and she enjoyed spending the day with Sophia.


The past two days have been a roller coaster. Yesterday, Sophia didn’t sleep for more than ten minutes at any one stretch and refused to take anything by bottle so feeding times were kind of a struggle. Most of the day was spent trying to figure out what was wrong and moving her from one place to another and holding her as many different ways I could think of to get her comfortable. I think she was just letting me know that she misses her momma and wasn’t at all happy at the prospect of spending an entire day alone without adult supervision.  She finally relaxed after taking a long walk in the Bjorn and was eventually able to sleep a little before Deb got home, after which, of course, she was a peach the rest of the night.


Speaking of Deb, she has been able to stay away for longer stretches than I thought she would (although I am still convinced there is a camera around here somewhere) and surprisingly, the house feels a bit empty without her (and more quiet!).


Today has been much better. Sophia is all smiles, and we actually got a longish nap in after lunch. I also think she laughed for the first time (although in all honesty it may just have been a burp but it sure sounded like a giggle). Sophia went on her first shooting expedition and shows promise not just as a model, but as an assistant.  When we got home Sophia had some tummy time and was actually interacting with all the multicolored animals dangling over her head. Deb isn’t going to be very happy if she misses any of these milestones, so I think I should get in the habit of wearing the camcorder around my neck or else not telling her everything.