Feeling under the (snowy) weather

Sophia had another busy week trying to get herself healthy. She started out with OT this week and was a really good sport for the extra long session even though she spit up after many of the exercises, had an elevated temp, and was in need of a nap. We learned lots of ideas to use to help her with her fine motor skills and will try to keep her entertained with her fun toys instead of becoming too “self-involved” with her hand. But, she does love her hand!

By Wednesday the elevated temp (99/100) of the past week and a half had turned into a real fever (100.5/100.9), and she seemed unable to keep any of her milk down (so we switched to Pedialyte). I ended up calling her pediatrician, explaining that I didn’t mean to be an obsessive mother and that these probably weren’t really doctor visit symptoms, but given Sophia’s post-op status, I thought someone should know. We’d talked about it last week with cardiology and GI, but now a week later, I wondered whether the docs would be concerned. She was very sweet and said she would be worried too and also said that with any other baby she would advise just staying home, but she’d like to see Sophia. So, she fit us in that night and checked her out. The doctor thought she looked much better than she expected given her symptoms, but was concerned about some redness around her MIC-KEY button. We thought it was just irritation from the car seat, since we hadn’t noticed anything like it at home at all, but when the doctor mentions cellulitis and MRSA (staph), you have to take it seriously. She gave us yet another antibiotic to treat the possible skin infection (this one looks and smells like strawberry daiquiri).

Our pediatrician called the next day asking for an update and when we connected on Friday and said the redness had gone away immediately but Sophia was still feverish (101.1), she said to come in on Saturday if that continued. We also finally (on the second try) got GI to agree to let us stop the antibiotic they’d prescribed, which seemed to be contributing to Sophia’s upset stomach. She’d been on it a good 9 days already, so hopefully she won’t develop any resistance.

Saturday morning Sophia did still have a fever, but the vomiting had lessened quite a bit. So, we were in the doctor’s office that afternoon to check for a urinary tract infection or aspiration. Luckily, we’ve now mastered the urine sample (bring the diuretics, hold her upright so it doesn’t leak, and get a blood draw to shock her into going), so that went smoothly. It was negative; the white blood cell count was in the normal range; and the doctor didn’t hear any lung issues that sounded like aspiration. So, she surmised that she simply is fighting off something really minor that increases her mucus output, which in turn irritates her stomach. Sophia might also have developed a higher than usual “normal” temp after surgery (although that wouldn’t explain the temps at the level they’ve been). The doctor was able to check Sophia’s lungs while she was crying, since I accidentally let her hit her head on the doctor’s desk. I felt awful. I was holding her in my lap while talking to the new doctor about Sophia’s background, and she sat up suddenly and fell forward right into the desk. Since she has been starting to want to sit up on her own, I am usually really careful to keep her far enough away from something she could hit her head on, but I totally misjudged this one and reacted too slowly. I guess I made a great impression on the new doctor! I was trying to calm Sophia down while the doctor was trying to listen to her lungs, all at the same time. Luckily the red mark disappeared both before Papa could get a picture to put up next to the picture of the bruise he caused and before Grandma had her Christmas pictures taken. To add to the head bump and the blood draw, Sophia ended up with her second flu shot dose at the end of the visit–what a day!

Her weight gain seems to still be a little unstable. She didn’t appear to gain anything for a week (Wed. to Wed.), but then by Saturday afternoon had gained 1/2 pound! That is way too much for less than 3 days, but if you average it out over a week and a half, it is great. Perhaps one of the readings was wrong again? In any case with her being sick we don’t want to adjust her food quite yet. She’ll get weighed again on Monday when she gets her monthly dose of Synegis (the RSV antibiotic).

Even with all of the discomfort this week, Sophia had some fun beginning to celebrate her first Christmas. Papa walked home from the neighborhood co-op with a little tree for her; and she giggled when he plugged in the lights. Christmas music has now replaced the kid CDs she listens to. We also got our first big snowfall, so it looks like Sophia’s first Christmas will be a white one! Sophia got to feel the sensation of snowflakes falling on her face, which made her react like she does when you first put her in the bathtub, kind of panicking, wondering what that new feeling is. We also tried to go for a stroller ride before it had been plowed–(my) bad idea! By the time we got to the street and back, she’d fallen asleep, so we decided to go for a winter wonderland walk another time. I’m sure we’ll have lots of chances, but I always love to get out in that very first snow.


  1. WOW! Sophia has gotten so big!!! It was nice to see Sophia and both of you for those few brief moments on 5C awhile back :o) I’m so glad to hear she is doing well and making so much progress, keep up the good work Sophia!
    -Nurse Jessica :o)