Flapping arms, flying spit up and sucking thumbs

We decided we needed to come up with a sign for Siobhàn so the girls can refer to her before they are able to say her name (which I imagine will be awhile). We are just using the standard signs for Papa, Mama, Grandma, baby, puppy, etc., but need a name sign for their favorite person. Siobhàn suggested that we using flapping arms (Sophia’s latest indicator of excitement). Sometimes she flaps her arms and legs at the same time!

During her last PT session of the summer, Sophia stood at the couch for a record amount of time (3 times through our song “Hello, Sophia!”). Her homework is to work on pulling to stand by herself (she did it in the Pack ‘n Play) and dance while standing at the couch. The dancing is supposed to help her develop strong enough balance to begin to “cruise” along furniture. Jane says kids need to learn to move sideways while upright before learning to move forward in a walking motion. Hopefully, we’ll have big surprises when we see her again in September! Jane also left this great motivating toy, a Barney guitar. Sophia has to stick her hand (or something else) in front of the little red light in the opening to get the music to play. It is so fun to watch her try to figure it out. She has just started to regularly push buttons to make sounds, and this is a whole new trick to learn. John started putting a small toy in there, so the music would continue, and today I saw her put her little finger puppet in there!

Sophia has also decided that her doll Baby Stella isn’t so bad after all. She lays on her or next to her (face down in the splits) like she does with Baby Zoe. She seems to like being able to bite her hands and face without being told “Gentle” every couple of seconds.

Zoe held her bottle this week and has been holding onto toys with both hands, too. She’s got the greatest smile and really seems to be a happy baby.

She loves sitting in the little Pod chair and can really keep herself upright in it. She can hold onto the little toy and bite it too. She’s drooling all the time and loves to put things in her mouth (her favorite is her thumb). I hope that doesn’t lead to her getting sick. I think it really helped keep Sophia well that she didn’t put much in her mouth while she was really young. (Although, of course, it is important developmentally to explore with her mouth.)

Sophia is also chewing on everything lately. Papa’s Cheetos appear to be her favorite these days. She will bite on them with her 4 little teeth, lick the cheese, make a funny face, and then lean forward for more. I guess she was also trying to get the whole bag she liked them so much. We figure if that will get her to want to eat, we can live with her loving the Cheetos!

The girls got to meet even more relatives on Sunday when they helped surprise their Grandma for her 65th birthday. Zoe seems to do better with other people if she doesn’t see us. Sophia wants to be moving on her own all the time and seems to want to be running around like the other kids. She is going to have so much fun when she gets more mobile.

Sleeping is still a challenge. They’ve taken to waking up in the night more (and doing it really loudly). One day I brought Zoe into Sophia’s room a couple of times to rock her to sleep and try to comfort Sophia. It seemed to work, so I was all excited to have them move in together. Then, last night, Sophia hollered for 3 1/2 hours, unable to get back to sleep, and I thought better of the idea! I often bring Zoe in in the morning when Sophia starts coughing, because I’m usually in the middle of feeding her. It doesn’t work the greatest to catch spit up one-handed, so one day, I set Zoe on the pad on the floor near Sophia’s crib, while I helped Sophia during her coughing spell. Her projectile spit up went so far, she got her poor little sister in the face! I guess laying her down on the floor wasn’t such a good idea. I imagine there will be a day for paybacks…