furry friends are the best friends

Well, we survived our first night alone with Sophia and made it through our first nurse-free day without losing her or forgetting her meds.  She hasn’t asked to get new parents yet.  


Now that we are out of the hospital, our days will probably be a little less eventful and newsworthy.  Today Sophie tried out her little rocking seat, listened to stories, did exercises, walked Mukwa, smelled the lilacs, went to the Co-op, had tummy time on Grandma’s fuzzy quilt, cuddled her Papa and Mama, tried to roll over in her bath to make sure Mommy didn’t forget her bottom, burped well enough to make Papa proud, and of course had a photo shoot.  (You’ll find some new shots in the Homecoming album).


What Sophie didn’t do today:  have anyone estimate the amount of her various emesises; hear any beeps/alarms or other babies crying; see anyone in scrubs; get her heel pricked for a blood draw; or have a naked weight taken in front of a bunch of strangers.