gettin’ the mitten

(Sophia has acquired her own domain,, and will be moving there as soon as we find a host and get everything transferred.)


We did the move, but lost the comments in the transition to a new system.  Sorry about that–hopefully the new comments system will work okay.  Thanks to those who left sweet messages on the old site.  


…Sophie got a different NG tube (neotube) today–one that only has to be replaced every 30 days, so she won’t have to deal with getting it changed every three days anymore.  Unfortunately, however, it came out twice and had to be reinserted.  She was not very happy to have that tube stuck through her nostril, down her throat, and into her tummy.  Because of the  mishaps with it getting pulled out, she is now sporting a mitten on her left hand.  She might get one on her right hand too if she keeps pulling at the leads that attach to the heart/oxygen/respiratory monitor.  Maybe if she causes too much trouble, they’ll send her home!


She had a great day of eating–starting out at 7AM with nursing for over half of her amount (28ccs)–almost an ounce!  She also took two whole bottles–and gained weight for the 3rd day in a row.