going home?

During rounds today the doctors decided that Sophia has been eating so well that they would put her on “Ad Lib” feedings (which means at will without strict monitoring) and also reduced her fortifier so she isn’t drinking a milkshake every time she eats.  (Things sure move quickly around here once you hit a certain point!)  They then told us that nothing is certain but that we should be prepared to go home tomorrow (Sophia must have heard that our parking pass expires tonight), which of course is great news but hearing it made us a little nervous when we realized that we aren’t going to have a full contingent of doctors and nurses to back us up and teach us how to do things. The nurses have been especially caring and helpful and we are extremely grateful for everything that they have done for us. One of the good things to come out of all of this is their combined years of experience that we have been able to benefit from, after all they are the ones really running things around here…so props to all the nurses out there!


If we do go home you all will be the first to know 😉