Growing Strong

We were back to the docs again this week.  They both had check ups on Monday.  Sophia really lucked out and got the nasal flu vaccine and the doc said we really didn’t need to draw blood to check her thyroid because she’s been so stable.  Phew!  She even tolerated getting her blood pressure checked.  Zoe had to get the actual flu shot and had another immunization, so she wasn’t so lucky.  They are growing well; Zoe is  a little over 25 pounds (69%) and 32.5 inches (71%) and Sophia is almost 30 pounds and 35 inches (both more than 100% on the Down syndrome growth chart!).

Tuesday, Sophia had to get her ears checked.  She did so well with the hearing test (the one she couldn’t do last year, so we ultimately had to have her anesthetized to check them).  She thought it was a fun little game and clapped for herself.  She also amazingly let the audiologist put a little tester (that isn’t the technical term) in her ear.  After waiting for way too long in the ENT’s office, and blowing all of the bubbles, reading all of the books, eating all of the food and washing their hands a few times, Sophia even did pretty well letting the doc look into her ears.  He said he didn’t need to torment her by cleaning them out, so she lucked out again.  We have to watch her closely because her ear canals are so small, and she can get fluid in them (and our regular docs can’t really see in them).

Although it seemed to make things go more smoothly, I think we probably overdid the pretend play with their little doctor kit because one morning I saw Zoe trying to check Mukwa with the stethoscope!

We also had speech on Monday and worked on communication.  We are going to start doing some pictures Sophia can use to show us what she wants.  Our speech therapist was impressed with Sophia’s understanding, even of things we say just in casual conversation when we aren’t speaking directly to her.  However, we want to be sure she can communicate with us, so she isn’t frustrated.  She’s picked up the sign for “shoes,” and all of the actions to “Hurry, Hurry Goes the Fire Truck.”

Zoe is also trying to communicate with us, and we aren’t always the quickest to understand what she’s trying to say.  She’s been signing “Grandma” during most meals, and I finally decided she thinks Grandma provides us with all of our food.  I occasionally mention that Grandma grew the green beans or the “mew mew,” and I think she thinks it all comes from Grandma.  She’s also been putting a spoon of food on her belly button, which I at first thought had something to do with her fascination with her “bee bo” but now understand that she thinks she should be able to eat like Sophia does.  She really started whining one day when I went to feed Sophia and it finally clicked that that was what she was trying to do; obvious now.

She seems to be able to sleep okay at night without holding her bee-bo now.  We moved into feeted one piece pajamas with the colder weather, and I thought I might have to cut a hole in them for her to get to her bee-bo.  We tried it without, and it went fine, which is great since they already have holes for Sophia’s feeding pump.  We’ve even put Zoe down before Sophia a few nights, for the most part successfully.  With going down to one nap on some days, Zoe really needs to go to bed earlier, and we’ve moved Sophia later since she seemed to be taking so much longer to fall asleep.  I’ve also cut out her rocking time, and she seems to be doing just fine without it.  Baby steps closer to saying:  “Girls, time to go to bed!”  (and them listening?)

They are really having a lot of fun in music class again, so I think we’ll keep going for another term.  I guess Zoe was doing a really good job of sharing and went and got little instruments both for herself and her sister.  Sophia couldn’t be happier than when she’s listening to or making music.

Grandma got to go to ECFE with them on Friday and see their nice big classroom.  Zoe found her same little baby from the dollhouse to chew on, and Sophia had fun reading the big books with the teacher.  I think I’ll have to try harder to get them to play with the dress-up things at school.  They had such a fun time putting on their fancy dresses the other day.  We just wanted to make sure they fit, and the girls had so much fun lifting up their skirts, walking around, looking at each other’s dresses, and sitting down with the fluffy skirts.  Thanks Auntie Karen for the princess dress!

We took the girls on errands this weekend, and they got to play in the little REI playground (and escape into the store at every opportunity).  Whenever we were in the car, Zoe wanted Sophia to be holding her hand, and Sophia would squeeze it for a second and think that was enough, only to have Zoe giving her her hand again.

Monday morning w/ Jennifer, we spent working on “same-same” and matching shoes and socks, etc.  We leave for San Antonio on Thursday morning, so are busy trying to make sure we don’t forgot all of the things we need to pack to make this go smoothly–sling, medicine, diapers, food, syringes, swimming suits, toys…  If you happen to see a crazy family with two car seats attached to two pull along suitcases and a bright yellow double stroller walking to the train, please don’t laugh…


  1. Love the Princess dresses. I’m guessing John is putting them on the girls ever chance he has.

  2. Adorable dresses! The girls are so cute. Sophia is lucky she got the nasal flu vaccine. We had to drag a screaming Simon through the clinic because he didn’t want a shot (his asthma makes him disqualified for the spray). The whole clinic full of people stared at us (including several terrified children who knew they were next!), and the funny thing is that once he actually got the shot, he was quiet. It didn’t even hurt!

    Have fun in San Antonio, and good luck with travel! Thanks for the updates. I love to here about the girls.