Happy Birthday Girls!

Zoe turned three weeks old today, and Sophia is already a year! A lot has happened in that year, but it really seems to have flown by. We woke Sophia up singing “Happy Birthday,” and she started waving to herself like she does when we sing the “Hello, Sophia” song she learned from her teachers.

Our birthday adventure was going to the Como Park Conservatory. Now that Sophia has reached that magic one year mark, she doesn’t have to be so sheltered. We thought this would be a more gradual step than the Mall of America or Chuck E. Cheese (and why go there when they don’t know any different?). The girls got to smell the wonderful spring flowers, and Sophia got to touch lots of plants–when she wasn’t helping her papa take pictures–while Zoe slept . Luckily, she only tore one poor flower off of its stem! We also made it without Zoe needing to eat (and without me having to figure out how to nurse in public). We also left with both of Sophia’s socks. She practiced taking them off in the car on the way there, and took them off again while there. One nice lady stopped to ask whether or not we knew that she was missing a sock: “Yes, she just doesn’t like to wear them!” I think her teachers did too good of a job teaching her to take them off.:)

We stopped at the DQ on the way there and tried to let Sophia have her first taste of ice cream, but she just wanted to play with the bright red DQ spoon. Maybe by next birthday, she’ll have learned her family’s love for the ice cream!

We’ve started teaching Sophia to drink from a cup (with water); we’re really way past re-introducing the bottle and she’s been really interested in her cup in the bathtub, so we thought it was a good time. She’s been doing really well with it. Obviously, some spills out, but she also swallows quite a bit without gagging (for the most part). We’ll have to see whether she should have another swallow study to see if we can give her more than just small amounts of water without thickening it. I remember thinking in horror when we were first told that we’d have to thicken her beverages that we’d have to send her to school with a thermos of thickened water since she couldn’t drink out of the water faucet! I calmed down and realized that she should outgrow her swallowing problem before she goes to school.

Our pediatric nutritionist called back today and is recommending that Sophia switch to Pediasure now that she is a year. It is more concentrated than her fortified formula, so she’ll have less volume (great for the reflux) but then we are to be giving her “free water” too so she doesn’t get dehydrated.

We also talked to GI yesterday and are going to experiment with taking her off the Reglan (which she takes to help her motility, so theoretically there would be less milk in her stomach to spit up). She is a slow emptier, but I don’t think the meds are working, and I’ve read that some people have complained about side effects.

Zoe is doing well, but I think she heard me tell her doctor that she didn’t have the 2 hour fussy period at night that most babies have (if she’s held or fed) and wants to show me that she too can fuss with the best of them! It makes it a little tricky when at the same time we are also trying to break Sophia of her need/want to be rocked to sleep. I got in that bad habit because of her fevers and teething, but it is really unmanageable when it takes 3 to 4 hours for her to actually fall asleep. We can’t do the “cry it out” method, so it will take awhile to break this habit, I’m afraid. We are trying really hard to make sure not to repeat that with Zoe.


  1. christy says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia! That’s so fun that hitting the one year mark will open up new worlds for her. I feel your pain with the rocking to sleep bit. We made that mistake when Simon was little. We did go the cry-it-out route, finally, but it was awful. Then all was well until several months ago when Simon convinced Joe that he should stay by his bed “for a little bit” until he fell asleep. Now we’re stuck with that until we prepare ourselves for a tantrum. So much easier to just stay by his bed! I think you weigh the options all the time with kids (in this case, for us the choice was easy – a few minute of indulgence of the child versus hours of stress…). good luck!

    Can’t wait to meet Zoe. She’s so big already!


  2. John, I think your picture of Sophia looking into the fish pond should be entered into a contest! I love it.

  3. happy birthdays ladies!

    wish I could hold and play with you both and give you birthday smooches- you are so lucky to have so many people in MN to do it for me 🙂

    I highly recommend Elizabeth Pantley’s book, ‘the no cry sleep solution’, it’s a wonderful resource on helping babies sleep well without crying it out- loved it!

    Kudos to John and Deb – I am so happy you both are so dedicated to blogging and keep us long-distance folks up to date on everything, it has been a real joy getting to know Sophia. I really hope I am able to see her and her sister in person soon, but if I can’t I am happy I will get to know Zoe here too!

    Love to all-

  4. Cousin Kelly says:

    I can’t believe I forgot your 1st birthday Sophia!!! So, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! You are just moving right along. I love your hair!! We absolutely can’t wait to meet you and Zoe!!!! Deb..if you think you heard Mama…she said it!!! Love to you all!

  5. Wow, Sophia’s birthday jeans sure were fancy. I think Siobhan has a jacket to match them. Sorry we missed your birthday parties but will celebrate with all four of you when we get back.