ebullient heart doc says everything’s a’ok!

We just returned from Sophia’s first cardiology checkup since her heart surgery and everything is looking as it should. The cardiologist went on and on about how great Sophia looked. She said that her color and tone looked marvelous, that she looks really energetic and bright eyed, that this is the healthiest she has ever seen her and that we made her day. This may have something to do with the fact that Sophia was in a good mood instead of screaming, crying and spitting up, which has been the norm for her cardiology visits.

After looking at her echocardiogram, the cardiologist said we could discontinue Sophia’s blood pressure medication, Captopril, one possible side effect of which is a cough. Hopefully, this was the reason behind her coughing more frequently lately and that will be that.


  1. That is fabulous news!!!

  2. That is marvelous, you guys. I know exactly what you’ll be thankful for on Thursday. Kisses to the tot!

  3. John I really like the changing photos in the banner.
    Great news from the doctor today.

  4. HOORAY SOPHIA!! I love being able to use multiple exclamation marks in conjunction with heart doctor visit reports! She did look fabulous on Sunday, and no question that she is growing and smiley – so wonderful!

  5. Yeah!! I am so excited and thankful to hear that Sophia is recovering so well! Thanks for keeping us posted, and Happy Thanksgiving!! She looks great!!

  6. Cousin Kelly says:

    YEAH!!! What great news from the doctor!!! I am just waiting to hear when she would be up for a road trip?!?!? I know…awhile! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Hurrah! I am so pleased to hear the good news. Thank you for the updates and excellent photos.