Hello Dolly!

The girls have really been into their dolls lately.  Yesterday, they were hugging and kissing their different body parts with their Hugs and Kisses book.  They are still getting the hang of it though; Zoe baths Athena tummy down in the tub, and Sophia gives Stella the sippy cup to her lips and to the back of her head!  One of Zoe’s favorite things is to play with her Little People and wooden doll house dolls.  She can sit for quite awhile putting them in and out of of their various chairs.  She also likes to take little breaks from her pushcart walks down the mall to play with them.  Both of them are having lots of fun pushing the cart outside; Grandma brought another push toy today, so now they don’t have to take turns any more.  Zoe is a very deliberate pusher with that funny little newbie walker waddle, and Sophia just tears down the mall with huge strides.  They got to spend lots of time outside when we were gone, too, since it was so nice outside.  I was talking with Margaret and Grandma on the phone one afternoon when I could hear Zoe start yelling; she apparently didn’t appreciate that they were stopping for a stoplight when the park was within her view.

The girls did great when we were gone; they had lots of fun, and nothing unexpected happened.  (Luckily the alley fight/tooth-knocking-out, G-tube pulling out during nap time, and big branch falling down all waited until we got home).   I’ve told lots of people that it seemed like Sophia’s teeth grew while we were gone because she smiled so big when she first saw us!  Zoe was also excited, and neither one of them seemed mad at us.  Sophia gets more upset when I go to work than she used to, but I’m sure that will pass.  She’s also been taking long to settle down at night, so we have been experimenting with her bedtime again.  We are up to 7PM (starting at 6PM)–which is amazing after doing 4:30 – 5:30 for so long!  Zoe is still getting up early, which I’m used to for the most part.  One morning, however, 4:30AM seemed just too early, so I thought I’d see if she’d fall back to sleep again in our bed.  First she took my glasses off, then she tried to pry my eye lids open.  When I gave up and sat up, she started clapping!  I guess it is pretty bad if your toddler has to clap that you finally get out of bed! (I guess it is also payback for me doing the same thing to my mom when she was pregnant and trying to get some rest, and I thought she should be reading me a book).

Sophia is walking more and more.  She walked about 10 feet one day and regularly walks to things rather than scooting.  I guess her classmates were impressed with how much she walked during her last day of school today.  The other day she stood up, turned all the way around, and kept walking.   She is still really wobbly, but she seems to love to do it.  She is also walking up stairs and going down on her butt (she never did want to crawl up and down them, but is okay with the walking).   Zoe has finally mastered “feet first” for getting off of the couch (usually backwards).  She started with the chair yesterday and by afternoon was doing it on the couch, too.  She can get up on her own now, too, with her little bench, so she has lots of fun getting to look out the window on her own.  Pretty soon they won’t have to take turns going to the coffee shop with Papa; they’ll be able to walk on their own while he carries his coffee! (and Zoe will be able to get whipped cream daily; just what she needs).

They continue to use their signing to communicate.  Zoe knows “Yes, Yes” from her book (and thinks that it has to be a double nod); she also knows to flap her arms for the birds she wants to go see outside.  She also points to the back door when you say “Grandma” and points to the front door when you say “Margaret.”  They both regularly pat their legs when you say the names of the folks they know the best; either they want to sing their “Siobhàn is here today” song or they think that is the sign for all people.  The other day I was trying to get Sophia to nap so we could go to the Children’s Festival and made up a little “please go to sleep” song; she started signing “please” while we snuggled.  It eventually worked…but I have to remember not to sing songs that make her think of actions.  Both of them are able to ask for “itsy bitsy spider” now, which I think is pretty good since  John and I can’t even get our spiders to crawl backwards.

They are also practicing their OT skills by putting their own sunscreen on (Margie’s suggestion).   Sophia is also putting her own lotion on at night, too.  I’m so bad at remembering they can try to do these things themselves, so it is good that their teachers remind us to challenge them more, like having Zoe crawl to her high chair, etc.

Zoe has added another comfort thing to her thumb sucking.  She puts her finger in her “be-bo” (belly button), or if she can’t reach it, she holds onto the skin on her neck with her other hand.  Maybe we should try to find a blankie or dolly she likes instead?  Her poor be-bo is getting pretty red.  She’s getting one of her molars already and still only has one bottom tooth (it’s good enough to bite toast off, but is hard to eat too many other things unless she can gum them).  Her lack of teeth doesn’t discourage her; she loves eating more than anything else it seems.  As for Sophia, I’ve resorted to trying eating practice in the bathtub where she can throw spoons and put food all over herself.  Someday…


  1. Love the pictures and so glad the trip went well (for the girls and for the parents)! Sounds like you’re up for a fun and running summer – go go girls!

  2. Love the pics! Looked like a good trip! Glad the girl’s aren’t mad at you & that they had a good time with Grandma & Margaret.