hi-tech toe

Sophia’s Godsister Siobhan and her mom Aisling came by tonight after Ben & Jerry’s, and Siobhan decided that Sophia’s toe was “hi-tech” with its pulse oximeter and bright red light.  


The surgeon (Dr. Foker) did stop by this evening, but just said that Sophia would be on the schedule for next week sometime.  We have to wait until the scheduler returns on Tuesday.  It’s unclear to me why our GI doc was so concerned that he’d stop by, when he didn’t have any real information to give us.  We heard today that because of two emergencies yesterday, a boy who’d been waiting for a week for an operation was bumped–which reinforced my feeling that this whole thing could take awhile.  It is getting frustrating knowing she is ready, but can’t get in.  We’ve been back here almost two weeks already, spending the majority of the time getting over a virus we think she got here!  


She seems to be gaining weight quickly now, but we are not sure whether it is real weight or water weight.  She was up to 8 pounds, 5 ounces today.  Grandma brought her a new little onesie that snaps down the front so we can change her even with all of her new cords.  Since she likes to sleep on her stomach so much and doesn’t arch when she’s doing that, the doctor put her back on the monitoring system so we can let her sleep that way.  She has the three electrodes on again, but it’s good for her to stay out of that arching position during the night.  The machine has been going off way too much, so we’ll see how much sleep we get tonight.  She’s been really sleepy during the day, so we are going to see if we can figure out whether she’s actually sleeping through the night.  


Sophia rolled to her side today in PT–we think it was to get away from the PT lady.  (One of her ideas yesterday was to put a stuffed animal on top of her abdomen to give her added pressure).