Holidays with the “Michelin Baby”

We started off the holiday weekend with a visit to the pediatrician. She said Sophia looked the best she’d seen her and thought she’d make it through the holidays just fine. She also assured us we were feeding her enough as she looks like a “Michelin Baby” with all of those rolls! Sophia also got a blood draw to check her thyroid and electrolyte levels and started crying immediately when the tech put the tourniquet on; I think she’s catching on to this stuff.

We had her electrolytes (potassium, sodium, etc) checked because she’s still on diuretics. Prior to her last surgery, she’d always been on a sodium supplement, so we wanted to see how things were now that she has been off of that for several weeks. They must have been fine, since we haven’t heard anything otherwise. We had thought perhaps there was a thyroid explanation for her elevated temps and sleepiness, so had that checked too. Her endocrinologist called after getting the results and said they were just fine, and we didn’t have to come in for our appointment on Friday. We’ll get levels checked again in 6 weeks and see the doc again after Sophia is a year old.

Sophia got to try out her new tobaggon and take a ride through the neighborhood. We had her inclined on her Boppy and secured with pillows, so she wouldn’t have reflux. She loved being outside and feeling the snow falling on her face.

Sophia’s holiday celebrations started with Aisling and Siobhan’s party. She had fun meeting new people and had her first experience with another crying baby (outside of the doctor’s office). Hopefully, it won’t take her long to learn to sleep through her sister’s crying or things could get really complicated in a few months! She also had her first chance to open a present, and she loved the paper! She did pretty well napping before we left, but was still tired after eating there and had trouble sleeping in a new environment. Once she got into her car seat and into her own bed, she calmed right down.

Christmas Eve was another day out of her environment, going to Grandma’s house. She didn’t sleep on the car ride there, as we’d hoped, and didn’t nap at all once we got there. We decided to just let her participate in things in her tired state, thinking she’d just sleep on the way home. Grandma warned us that it might not be so easy… and wouldn’t you know, Sophia screamed almost the whole way home, finally falling asleep as we entered Minneapolis! She did seem to have fun helping with presents and watching us eat, but she sure wasn’t happy with us by the end of the night. Once again, after she was in her own bed, she was calm and content.

Christmas Day we stayed home and had family over for brunch. Thinking that the “own bed” strategy would work, we tried to get Sophia to nap again. She was not happy to be missing out on all of the fun. She finally did sleep for a short power nap after Papa spent a long time calming her down, but she really wasn’t herself afterwards. After everyone had left, we found that she did have a low-grade fever (and has had one ever since then).

She seems to have recovered from the celebrations and has been napping more regularly (although only for short stretches because of her reflux). We’ve been practicing spoon feeding a lot, and squash seems to still be her favorite. We’ve also been trying to help her learn to roll over from her tummy to her back by rolling her back and forth between us on a blanket. She loves it, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her learn to roll. We have PT on Monday, so maybe we’ll get some more ideas.

We decided the bunk bed cribs wouldn’t work after all; they are way too small for regular, long-term use. So, pretty soon here, we’ll get Sophia a crib so she can adjust to sleeping in her nursery before her sister arrives. We don’t want her to associate her sister with getting moved into another room. It will be a hard adjustment for us as well, and I worry about her spitting up and coughing during the night. I guess we can always move her back if that doesn’t work out and just share our room with two little ones.


  1. Hi Deb, John and Sophia!!! Just thinking about you here in Denver, CO!! Love, love, love to hear and see all the changes that occur about every day!!! You all are amazing!!!!!


  2. Hi guys, It was great to see y’all over the holidays and to share a bit of our crazy family with Sophia. Sophia looks really comfortable laying on your belly Deb.