homeward bound

“We have a 35  day old female, corrected age of 41 weeks, 5 days, status post-coarc repair, with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), hypothyroidism, and an ASD/VSD.”  This is how rounds for Sophia began every day–and this is the last time we will hear this introduction, as rounds concluded today with the final order for discharge.  Our primary nurse (someone who selected to work with Sophia every time she was on) shared this morning that she would have bet that Sophia would have ended up needing a G tube (stomach tube) when she first started working with her.  She attributed her successful eating to us providing consistent feeding, which made us feel really good that being there had some positive impact for Sophie.  


After getting discharged from the NICU, we walked across the river back to the PICU to get Sophia’s incision examined and a stitch trimmed.  We then walked home from there, so she got a good 3 mile walk for her first adventure out into the fresh air.  It may have been a little much for a little  girl who spent the first 5 weeks of her life getting out of her bassinet only to be held in a chair placed close enough for her cords to reach–her tummy made some strange noises for awhile after we got home, but she really seemed to like it.  She got to feel the wind on her face, and some mist in the air, smell trees blooming, and the exhaust of passing buses, and see the activity of lunch time at the U.  


Exactly 5 weeks, 8 hours, and 34 minutes after being born, Sophia finally got to meet her puppy and see her home. We think she gave us her first real smile when she laid down in our bed for the first time.  She got to see her nursery, sleep in her very own bassinet, and meet some friends and neighbors. And, finally, there are a few photos to put in the homecoming album.