If she walks like a bear and talks like a bear (and bites like a bear)…

She’s Sophia! Sophia spent most of the week pretending to be a bear. She growls at you when you get her up in the morning; she growls at people she doesn’t know and people she does. She loves it when Papa pretends to be scared. She scared Zoe for real today, and she loved it! She’s getting really good at her bear walk, too. She’s taken a couple of steps forward and can reach for things with one hand. She wants so badly to be able to stand up. She’s pulling up on anything she can find and can stand for much longer periods of time these days. Siobhàn reported that she even stood for a fraction of a second with “no hands.”

Zoe’s big accomplishment this week was rolling to her tummy for the first time (once)! I imagine she’ll see the fun in it once she gets the hang of it. One of her evaluator’s said she just needs an incentive to roll (we’ve been trying that forever, and she isn’t interested). We even did the blanket roll thing this weekend where we roll her back and forth in a big blanket. She loved it, but didn’t suddenly decide to do it on her own. She’s developed a love of dancing like her sister and was really giggling today watching Sophia wiggle while we were dancing too.

We’ve also started giving Zoe rice cereal. I almost cried the first time seeing how easy it was to feed a baby without a gag reflex and with the muscle structure to eat from a spoon. She’s still just eating small amounts, but I’m sure it will continue to increase. We probably shouldn’t have introduced it right after a bath, but I think we got most of it wiped off. She loved sticking her fingers in her mouth to feel the cereal and even held the spoon a few times, getting it into her mouth!

We also experimented with Sophia’s eating this weekend. She seemed to have overcome her gag reflex and is able to take bites and swallow, so we tried to see if it would improve if she was actually hungry. We tried to wait to feed her until she seemed hungry and didn’t give her any boluses in her G-tube during the day (basically, she just got whatever she would take by mouth). The first feeding went pretty well; we went through almost a whole jar of peas and rice (her latest favorite). But, it basically went downhill from there. Her hunger sensation is so messed up from being fed all night, that in the end, we are going to have to withhold food all night, too. But, from this experiment we learned she isn’t quite ready for that. She just isn’t that focused on eating and doesn’t swallow that well yet. The other big hurdle is that she drinks very little. Her speech therapist said that will be the hardest part, getting her to get enough liquids. She spits most of it out. We’ve tried milk, water, formula, juice, etc., and she just isn’t there yet. I even brought out the bottle today, but she got a couple of drops and that was all the attention she had for it. She did finally show an interest in playing with the food on her tray. She loved squishing the pudding into her hand (and dripping it all over the floor). It is so fun to watch her explore different sensations.

Siobhàn spent her last day with us for the summer and brought the girls great handmade gifts. Zoe’s favorite is the onesie that calls her a sumo wrestler, and Sophia’s is the bib that says “I love Papa.”

Our nanny search has hit a couple of bumps, but we hope to get it ironed out soon this week. Luckily we avoided a couple of the candidates we interviewed. One emailed her resume, which said she wanted to be paid “under the table,” and listed the names of all of her former families, including the daughter she called a “cutter.” Hmm…don’t think so. Another was arrested Saturday morning in the first waive of raids of groups protesting during the RNC. She downplayed her organizing role to us, but apparently she was much more involved than she let on.

Today, the girls got to join us for our annual Labor Day trip to meet friends for dinner on the Mississippi. Sophia got to sit in a restaurant high chair (with no tray or shoulder straps) for the first time. Zoe was very tolerant even though she missed a nap. We had to rush home to start our 5:00 bedtime routine, and even so, it took Sophia 2 hours to fall asleep! So much for trying to keep a schedule for her. It must be all the stimulation of seeing fun people…


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Good luck on the nanny search! Too bad Siobahn had to go back to school, I am sure she is a huge help! She seems like such a sweet girl!

  2. Well, John did say he would unschool her. I guess that did not work.
    John nice job teaching the girls about Democracy Now.
    I think all three of them are going to think that Amy Goodwin is their aunt…or wish she was.