Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

We now have the “wrinkly-nose face” all around. Zoe picked it up from Sophia (and added some snorting) and now Sophia’s wrinkly-nose face comes with snorting, too! They love to make faces back and forth at each other while Zoe eats in the high chair and Sophia sits on my lap watching (unless Sophia is too occupied with taking Zoe’s socks off). Sometimes Sophia adds in her funny little tongue wag or just yells at Zoe (presumably to get her to do some unclear thing). Zoe seems to use her wrinkly-nose face just for fun; she also likes to do it back at you when you do it first. I’m still not exactly sure what Sophia means by her wrinkly-nose face, but I think it is turning into a “whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?” face. One day Grandma was telling her that she really shouldn’t pull her Mama’s hair, and Sophia turned right back at her with “the face.”

Sophia has also learned to imitate her new friend Elmo. We got the new Elmo Live last week, and Aisling and Siobhàn were noticing today that when Elmo plays “Elmo Says” and asks for a kiss, Sophia smacks her lips and when he tells her to stand up, she tries to stand up. I can’t believe she can understand him with that funny voice. He is actually pretty cute, but the unfortunate part is that he still talks when he falls over: “Can you help Elmo up, please?” and Sophia loves to knock things over–Elmo, Blue, Zoe… After he repeats it three or four times and no one helps him up, he says: “Elmo thinks it’s time for a nap.” If you do pick him up, he says: “Thank you. You’re Elmo’s best friend.” It goes on and on like this at our house… Zoe doesn’t like to be too close to him unless she has an adult next to her; Blue is okay, but Elmo’s a little too much so far.

We also noticed Sophia imitating us rubbing our tummies during the Apple song: “Mmm, they were good!” (Margie (OT) will be so proud!) I’m sure she’ll be even prouder when Sophia can pat her head at the same time…

Papa and Grandma got a good laugh this week when Papa was telling Sophia that Mama had signed her up for the next session of her class, and she got a big smile on her face and started clapping!  I guess she likes school after all (she was really tired last week and ended up crying during her time with Jane (PT) so they left early).

Kathelyn (our nanny) was really laughing at Zoe one afternoon.  I got home and was nursing, and Zoe sat up and gave Kathelyn a look that she said meant:  “Okay, you can go already, my Mommy is here.”

I got the giggles this weekend when I noticed that both of the girls were busy as could be playing with pieces of paper.  Zoe was chewing on hers, and Sophia was ripping and flapping hers, but they were both so intent and content.  Here we have all of these toys overtaking our living space and all they want is a silly piece of paper!  Once they got close enough to each other to realize that their sister had paper too, they just wanted to have the other one’s paper.  They did the same thing with the Obama Pencil ThunderStix I got from the NEA.  They each had an identical one, but spent several minutes trading them (grabbing them) back and forth.  I guess they want it just because the other one has it.

Zoe’s tried all kinds of new foods this week. We thought we’d get her started with finger foods. We tried tofu (we won’t tell our pediatrician or he’ll really laugh at us), egg yolks, and bananas, but she wasn’t quite ready to pick things up on her own. She did pretty well with toast, though, since she can actually hold onto that.

She also inadvertently tried pumpkin.  John thought it would be a good idea to empty out one of the pumpkins Grandma brought and put Zoe in it.  Poor thing wore a pair of tights and a plastic bag and sat in her pumpkin!  She was a really good sport; you can see some of the many pictures in the recent photos gallery.  No surprise that she started biting on it right away.

Sophia’s food experiment this week was playing with her oatmeal.  It looked like she was kind of licking her hand at one point, so I decided that maybe she could learn to feed herself her cereal (and maybe then she’d be more interested in eating).  She loved the feeling of the oatmeal squishing between her fingers, and she used both hands together.  She didn’t get anything in her mouth, but I think the first step will be getting her to accept the feeling of the food.  I tried cold applesauce after that, and she was not interested in that at all, so I guess we’ll stick with room temperature goo.  Next time, I think I’ll try to find a hat she’ll leave on; she had so much oatmeal in her hair (and I think what wasn’t in her hair was on the floor for Mukwa)!  We are also working with Sophia to try to leave things on her tray or the table–toys or anything–so she can practice for snack time at school.  It hasn’t been too successful, yet, but we’ll keep at it.

People have been asking about Sophia’s napping. We actually broke down and started rocking her to sleep again. We (or basically, John) usually finish her noon feeding up in the rocking chair in her nursery and by the time we’re done feeding, she’s “usually” asleep. We have varying success in getting her to sleep very long on her crib. If she wakes up quickly after we put her down, we rock her again and she’ll “usually” fall back asleep again.  If it is really important that she sleeps for sure, I’ll just hold her for the whole nap.  We know this isn’t really how we’re supposed to do it, but nothing else worked, and she really needs that nap. The big thing will be to make sure it doesn’t start keeping her from going to sleep on her own at night. So far, I don’t think it has, but she has been having more difficulty getting to sleep. I think it is probably the 4 molars she’s working on at once, though. They’ve been making her pretty sleepy in general.  I’m hoping that her body will get used to sleeping at this time of day and that we’ll be able to just put her down for a nap at some point in the future.  It really helps that she hasn’t been spitting up much at noon. (I hope I didn’t jinx anything by writing that; I’d barely finished telling my friend Annie today that Sophia doesn’t really have the projectile spit up anymore, and then she spit up most of her next meal).  It really has been much better with her standing more, but there are still days when it is harder to keep things down.

Our last news is that Papa had a “first” this week, too.  The girls are really proud of him for getting a photo published in the most recent issue of NEED magazine. You may have read about John taking pictures for Aisling and Siobhàn’s Hoops For Hope fundraiser back in the spring. Well, it finally made it to print, and you can read the story here under Hoops For Hope Minnesota.