Into the mouths of babes

It seems like we spend all day either giving the girls something different to chew on or picking something up they’ve dropped (or thrown) while chewing. There is drool everywhere! They are both very focused on putting everything into their mouths. I was watching Sophia today using her teeth to maneuver levers on a toy she is really supposed to be using her fingers for.

They’ve both had a great week of development even though their focus seems to be their mouths. Zoe is rolling to her side a lot. She can roll back to her stomach from her side (and get her arms out from underneath her), but can’t quite put it all together yet. She is rotating a lot, too. One morning I left her mid-diaper change to go check on Sophia who was coughing, and when I returned she’d rotated almost 180 degrees (off of her diaper, of course). At the end of one of her 5 naps today, I found her facing the corner of her bassinet, all curled in a ball. She has also learned to touch her feet. She isn’t as attached to them as Sophia is to hers, but she can reach them! She’s also developing her referential gaze: today, when I pointed to her sister, she followed my finger and found Sophia.

Sophia is pulling to stand on her own, regularly, using different things for help. She is also starting to stand using only one adult hand for assistance. She isn’t using her legs much when she crawls now, though. She’s developed this tripod crawl where she uses her arm strength and pulls herself along with one leg bent in and the other outstretched. You can hear from anywhere in the house “thud, thud, thud.” It was pretty funny one morning when I accidentally left a glass of water on the floor. Of course, she saw it right away and knocked it over. I didn’t realize she’d sat in it, but a little while later noticed butt marks across the floor where her little wet butt had landed on the floor while crawling. She is also working on her bear walk: she puts both her hands and feet on the floor with her butt straight up. She has actually started to move forward a little bit instead of just falling backwards onto her butt. She’s pretty funny when she does this and ends up putting her head on something. One morning John was laughing hysterically because he heard a funny noise and looked down to find Sophia in her bear walk stance with her head on this little plastic container, pushing it across the floor. Today, she ended up with a little velcro card stuck in her hair.

The girls continue to have fun with each other. John is trying to teach them to wrestle, and loves to put Zoe on top of Sophia, since Sophia is usually smooshing Zoe. Today, Zoe was turning to her side to see Sophia, and Sophia was doing her little spinning thing and ended up kicking Zoe “right in the kisser” as my Dad would say. Zoe takes it all in stride, but before long will get her own kicks in, I’m sure.

The other big news (or big disappointment) this week is that we found out a bigger house on our mall was for sale (the one that we’ve been wanting ever since we had the girls). Unfortunately, we were out bid by someone paying cash (who knew someone with that kind of money would want to move into our neighborhood?). Since we didn’t get this one, we are planning to get our house ready to probably put it on the market by the end of January or so (much better than the 8 day time line we would have had had our offer been accepted). We aren’t looking forward to moving or showing our house, but we really do need more space. We hate to leave the safety of this street with no traffic before the girls can even walk, but I think we might have to. Most of the houses here are small like ours.

Zoe did her first door knock for the election on Saturday. She was my shield to keep people from getting mad at me (I hate door knocking more than I hate being door knocked). It was a hard route to bring a baby on since I had to drive to most every house, but I didn’t get yelled at by anyone! While we were gone, John and Sophia walked up to the library. Unfortunately, John had just taught her how to growl, so she didn’t really abide by the “quiet in the library” rule very well. It’s a funny noise, but she does it with so much oomph that she makes herself cough/spit up sometimes. We are trying not to give her too much attention for it, but that doesn’t seem to faze her.