Is she a member of a union?

The hospital social worker had us make an appointment to apply for social security disability income because Sophia will be considered disabled.  We knew we wouldn’t meet the income requirements, so didn’t respond to any of the paperwork they sent us.  Well, when John talked with the woman from Social Security this morning she had a whole battery of questions, including:  Has Sophia ever been a member of a union?  Does she receive any benefits? Does she have a job?  Does she owe you any money?  The woman from SSA apparently didn’t have much of a sense of humor–when John told her that the Pampers would be expensive, so she might indeed owe us money, she simply responded “Yes they are, sir.”


While John was handling the SSA interrogation, I was at the hospital.  Sophia did great overnight–she still has not had to have any of her feedings gavaged.  She got permission to eat as much as she wants–no fluid restriction as long as it is voluntary consumption!  She sure took advantage of that.  She met her minimum for 7A-7P (as they say here in the NICU) by 2:00!  She ate almost a double feeding at one point and seemed to never really sleep.  As it turns out, the endocrinologists determined she was getting too much synthroid–so this eating pattern was probably partially a result of that.  She will have to take a couple of days off of the medicine and then start with a lower dose to try to get just the right balance.  Hopefully things will settle in smoothly.  


Since things went so well over night, we decided to move to the West Wing today.  We are settled into room 405, and our phone number is (612) 273-7034.  At least one of us is supposed to be there basically all of the time.  Unfortunately, the visitor policy is still the same–no one under 12; and a limit of 3 people, at least one of whom is her parent (I’m not sure how strict they are on this as we wouldn’t be bothering anyone else).


As another step toward going home, she is now required to take her medicines and supplements PO–so she actually has to taste them.  The worst is the sodium supplement (the diuretic takes too much out).  It is basically salt water that she has to mix with her milk 8 times a day.  She has been great about taking it so far, but they say sometimes kids realize that they really don’t like it–then we need to try flavoring (bubble gum, mocha, banana, etc.).  


One more test she tried today was her car seat test–because she was premature, she needs to sit in the car seat for a couple of hours while they monitor her oxygen and heart rate.  She really didn’t like it at all and was really hot.  We’ll give it another go when she is more sleepy and less aware of what we are putting her through.  It was fun to see her in a car seat rather than her hospital crib–I sure hope she ends up liking it okay.