It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

John announced on Monday with good-natured exasperation that it was the “worst day ever” (I think he’s thankfully forgotten some). He and Grandma have decided that the girls go through mama-withdrawals on Mondays. This Monday, I think it was more just bad luck. He and Siobhàn were having so much fun making smoothies and going for a walk that Zoe’s nap time got delayed and then they were trying to feed her when she was too tired to eat, so she was off for the rest of the day and didn’t sleep well. Then he got Sophia to sleep for her nap, but when he went to lay her down in her crib, realized he’d forgotten to get the bedding out of the dryer, so he couldn’t lay her down on an inclined mattress without her sling. He thought he’d just hold her for her nap, but then heard Zoe fussing. He then tried to keep Sophia sleeping and brought her into our room, trying to prop Zoe’s mattress a little so she would be able sleep in her bassinet without spitting up. Of course, she woke up, never to go back to sleep. I stopped home before a meeting and tried my best to get each of them to sleep with no luck. Zoe apparently cried on and off the whole time I was gone. I think it is the saddest thing to see a little one with puffy eyes still sniffling from having been crying. I think John and Siobhàn finally had some lunch about 3:00! One saving grace was that Papa’s birthday present from the girls arrived: a ball pit! They had a blast playing in it and were all smiles. There are 100 balls in there, but of course, Sophia wanted the one Zoe was chewing on!

On Election Day, John thought he’d take the girls in the afternoon with him to vote, but luckily decided to go before I left, instead. He waited for 1 3/4 hours–so he was glad not to be entertaining them that whole time. Sophia’s PT, Jane, came to the house for her work out. She approved of the little wooden push toy we bought (it will convert to a rider later on and has a narrow seat, which was her main concern). She also worked with Sophia on going backwards to get down from the sofa or chair. I don’t know what she did, but even though we’ve been working on it for awhile, Sophia has got it down now, after one visit! She’s so cute, turning around so that she goes feet first. I was a little worried about her MIC-KEY button, sliding down on her tummy, but she has been okay so far. Jane also thought Sophia’s balance was good standing up on the sofa. She was cruising around the Pack ‘N Play this weekend, turning corners and staying up for a long time. She’s been so cuddly and snuggly with her teething, so I’m glad she’s still moving around enough to get stronger.

Zoe started saying “Mama Mama” “indiscriminately” as the books say. At times, it seems she cannot stop saying it. It is her main sound. She started with “um um um” while she was eating, but now she has a consonant first.

Wednesday was a “best day” (napping-wise, any way). Both girls took a 2-hour nap! I think Sophia’s was a result of getting her RSV shot, and Zoe’s, probably just that she is getting older and may actually sometime start to consolidate her naps? The girls’ OT, Margie, came and brought a fun leaf project. Later on, Sophia kept wanting to go visit her leaves taped to the window. Margie thought Zoe was doing really well “sharing” and giving items back to her. She also got Sophia to focus on playing with her play dough in the high chair (while Zoe napped). She must have really engaged her, because she actually played with me this weekend too! I’ve been trying since I made the play dough months ago to get her to sit and play with it, with no real success. Today she rolled it, tossed it, smushed it, poked her finger it, all that good stuff. Margie liked that Sophia was taking the burp cloths out of the basket and wondered whether she puts anything back in (no). She wanted us to try to find a regular household thing that Sophia could do with us to learn to put things back “in.” The dishwasher really wasn’t safe enough to try; the laundry won’t work because she already loves to take that out, but again, not put it back in; but the dog dish worked briefly! Sophia was over playing by the empty dog dish and picked up a piece of food and put it back in! I tried to capitalize on that and got a cup full of food and poured it on the floor; but she was no longer interested in putting it in the dish (so I got to). Speaking of the dog dish, one morning I decided to just let Sophia play in there since she was still in her pajamas and I didn’t have to worry about her getting wet and dirty. When she started playing with some of my work papers instead, I brought Zoe over while I tried to put the papers way. I didn’t realize that I sat Zoe down in a pile of dog food and of course, when I looked over, there she was drooling all over the piece that was in her mouth. Not only is it gross, but it really is a choking hazard for her, so I learned quickly not to do that again.

Thursday, the girls got flu shots, and Sophia had a couple of 18 month immunizations. Poor thing had had a shot in each leg the day before, and was not happy when the nurse had her lay down for even more shots. We had height and weight checks for them too. Zoe is at 19 pounds, 7 ounces and 27 inches. Sophia is 23 pounds and 32 inches (if it’s accurate that she’s grown 1 1/2 inches in 2 months). If Sophia’s measurements are true, she is above 100% on the Down Syndrome growth chart for both height and weight (and about 50% for height on the typical chart and 40% for weight). I calculated that she should really be getting more calories for her current weight, so we’ll be adding more food in overnight (just when we were trying to reduce the amount of night feeds).

That night in the tub, Sophia took her one remaining Snoopy Bandaid off all by herself! I think sticker practice may have worked. (You probably noticed in the ball pictures that she is wearing an address label. This isn’t because we were playing Paddington Bear (If lost, please return to…), but because we’d read that if you put stickers on different body parts, it helps kids pay attention to them and practice removing the stickers.) Sophia can get them off, but then can’t get them off of her hand. She was able to use her other hand to get play dough off today, so maybe stickers will be next.

As far as eating goes, Zoe is eating well and tried a “meltable” little wagon wheel today, which went great. Sophia seems more interested in feeding herself, which is great, but messy. Maybe that will be what it takes for her to eat: being able to do it herself.

Sophia has really been engaging with books and songs. She makes a little gesture for “knees and toes” (her favorite part of the “Head, Shoulders” song because Papa sings it really fast); she will hug me at the line in her “Teeth are not for Biting” book that says “get a hug;” she makes a little scrubby motion when we get to the line in a bedtime book that says: “with soap all over, scrub, scrub, scrub;” and she wags her tongue when we get to the page in a lift-the-flap book that says “and something else in there too–a tongue.” She can point (with her thumb) to her own face in her photo book. When I tell her it’s time to make bubbles she kicks her feet wildly in the tub (and splashes poor Zoe if she’s sitting in there with us, too). She, of course, understands unpleasant things, too, and pouts when we sing “Night, Night, Sophia.”

She continues with her funny little idiosyncrasies that we can’t figure out. She wants whoever is feeding her to tap on her left knee throughout the meal (and she’ll tap it herself sometimes to calm herself). She also loves to direct our fingers to drum. She has to hold onto one of our hands in each of hers, put them in front of her and have them move. She’ll move to different surfaces/sounds. She is very insistent (read: bossy) about it, and I really don’t know why she likes it so much. She is also still very attached to her foot. She points with it to explore things and holds on to it to get to sleep when we rock her at nap time.

Zoe is starting to get a little miffed at Sophia’s aggression. For the most part, she is incredibly patient, but some times, she’s had enough and grunts or yells at her.  She’s developed the funniest little eye roll expression that she only uses for Papa (he’s wondering how this can be happening to him already?).  Zoe’s favorite time of day continues to be the time before she goes to bed. She has special Papa time and giggles while he bounces on the bed and lets her use his toothbrush. (She’s a little bummed that he trimmed his beard down, it isn’t nearly so tickly any more.) She also giggles when you lift her up in front of the mirror, and she sees that cute little baby looking back at her!

The girls had some fun today when their friends Ezra and Isaac came over for a photo shoot.  Sophia wasn’t too sure they should be playing with her toys without her, but was glad to have more legs to pull up on.  Zoe had fun having new people to watch.


  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Too cute! I hope Papa has fun playing in his ball pit!!! You know he plays in it after the girls go to bed!!!!

  2. Auntie Erin says:

    Hey Darlings—where percentage-wise does that put Zoe on height and weight? Go Sophia on that growing, gosh. And her hair looks to be getting a lot thicker too. You guys using Body on Tap? (remember that?) Kisses!