i’ve got some news!

On Tuesday Sophia finally got to meet my department for lunch at our house.  She was pretty sleepy from all the excitement, so was pretty quiet, but she did wear her new “I’m the Big Sister” shirt for them.  So she can now announce to her web readers that don’t already know that her mom and dad are having another baby.  We hope she’ll be excited about it at some point.  The baby is due around March 28, so they’ll be about a year apart if I go full term this time.  We won’t find out until mid-November the new baby’s gender.  So far we call it Sophia’s “brother-sister” which was our nephew Gavin’s name for Mason before he knew he was a boy.  We are very excited, but will have a small and wild home.  


At OT on Monday, Sophia’s therapist thought she was doing really well with her head control.  She said we could start putting her face outward in her Bjorn around the house to get even more practice.  John put her that way to help him wash the car, and she did great!  Once in awhile she will lean way back trying to see him, but she held her head up really well.  At her weigh in, she weighed 11 pounds, 1.6 ounces, so we are thrilled with her progress.  I thought since she’s been doing so well maybe we could stop the weekly weight checks, but since she’s likely to need more food at some point now that she is growing so much, I think we’d better keep monitoring it closely. 


Thursday afternoon John left for Montana.  We’ve both really been missing him.  Sophia cries after we hang up the speaker phone, and he isn’t there any more.  (She also kept tooting today while he was talking; I’m not sure what that means?)  We hope to get the computer cameras working again so she can see him.  He has been posting pictures to his blog to keep us up to date with his adventures and we’ve been sending pictures to him every day telling him about ours.


She’s really been kicking her legs up and apart a lot; Grandma really noticed how much more active she’s become.  Of course it is all so gradual for us.  Grandma’s been coming every day since Friday so I can still work and have some help with Sophia (and get a hair cut and take a nap).  I think maybe she is baby-sitting me too!  (I don’t think I told her I found myself singing “Hush Little Baby” to Mukwa while we waited outside the grocery store for Papa and Sophia the other day, but she’s worried about me anyway.)  Sophia smiles big when Grandma calls her “precious” and loves to watch Grandma’s face when she holds her.  On Saturday a box came from Great Uncle Curt and Aunt Mary, so Sophia had a cute new outfit and shoes to wear to meet her “aunties” for dinner.  We took the light rail so I didn’t have to try to bring her in the car seat by myself.  She did great and had fun looking at new people and new lights.


Sophia is also spending a lot of time these days staring at her hands (with her elbows extended, which makes it look like she needs bifocals and needs to have her hand far enough away from her face to see it) and her feet.  She woke up from her nap today and started looking at them right away, as though she’d missed them while she was sleeping. 


Now that Papa is gone, of course we saw a mouse today.  Neither Grandma or I like them at all, so we walked to the hardware store and got some packets of smelly stuff to keep them away (child and pet safe) and some steel wool to block up the hole in the garage where we saw it go in–yuck!  The woman at the hardware store promised that when Sophia was bigger she could have a piece of candy when she came in.  I have a feeling we might need lots of things at the hardware store in a couple of years (at least in Sophia’s mind).  Sophia also went to her first ice cream social tonight–a surprise birthday party in the neighborhood at our little park.  I kept her in the Bjorn so she was safe from all the kid germs flying around.  Unfortunately for her, I had to eat her ice cream, but maybe next year she’ll be able to have some herself ;0)  It was pretty cute, you could tell right away which flavor each of the other kids had had–either there were drops on their clothes or on their faces.  Maybe this milk thing isn’t so bad after all?


Mukwa got extra attention from Uncle Todd today, so she is doing well.  She’s very watchful of Grandma, making sure she’s taking care of her baby okay.  Grandma thinks its funny that she sleeps on our bed next to Sophia’s bassinet while Sophia naps, watching over her.  She gets ecstatic when you put the Bjorn on because she knows it’s walk time, so I felt badly today when she didn’t get to go the hardware store or ice cream social, yet I had the Bjorn on.


More next week if we’ve survived without Papa…