jus’ chillin’

Not much exciting happened in our room today since there were few changes for Sophia on the medical front. The rest of the ward, however, was quite hectic today with children screaming and nurses running back and forth (our room was their respite).  Cardiology recommended a change in diuretics and an increase in the calories of the fortification.  Sophia is apparently ready for surgery, but we are waiting for the surgeon to let us know when he’s available to do it.  With the Memorial Day holiday, I’m afraid it will be awhile.  She’s been pretty sleepy all day, but her thyroid levels are in the normal range now, so we hope they stay that way as she starts growing.


Sophia was visited this afternoon by her Great Aunt Mary Lou and Great Uncle Manny, back for the summer from Arizona, and Cousin Sandy (who is great, too).  Sophia enjoyed meeting new relatives and being rocked by Auntie Lou.  


The pump they put her antibiotics on was beeping off and on for about an hour because of an occlusion in the line. The nurse replaced the line and the syringe, but the pump still said there was an occlusion.  This happened right after she’d told us for the first time that the line either needed to be stopped with Hep-lock (Heparin IV lock) or have something continuously running through it (like saline).  Since it had been off w/o Heplock several times, I was nervous that something was wrong with the PICC line.  The nurse and the person from Vascular Access that we love decided that the only possibility left was some fiber build up in the line (her body recognizing this foreign object inside of it). So the doc ordered what they call TPA, which they let sit in the line for an hour so it could eat away the fiber (the nurse laughed nervously when John said “so its like Drano?”).  It appears to be working, which is a huge relief as we certainly didn’t want her to have to go under the knife again for a new one.  


The only male nurse assistant we’ve had (and the only one to leave a lasting red mark on Sophia’s leg after taking her blood pressure) is currently in our room watching a new show “Cash Cab”on Discovery (sort of a Jeopardy meets Candid Camera)–not sure that’s part of his duties, but he’s kind of  entertaining and Sophia seems to like him.  She is still up–apparently she doesn’t realize that bedtime is before 11PM.  


Hopefully we will know by tomorrow when the surgery will be.  Be sure to check out the new photos in the PICU album. The series with the bunny in the big girl chair are our new favorites.  I just start laughing every time I look at them and read John’s titles.