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I was just weeping by the time I finished this article about a Tennessee couple with Down’s Syndrome getting married. It really saddens me to think of how rare it actually is and I worry about what Sophia’s life is going to be like especially after reading a few of the comments people posted.

But there is hope in the form of a new ad campaign in the Nederlands to educate people about DS so if you want to see some cute kids have a look at the posters. I was heartened to discover that the abortion rate after diagnosis in the Nederlands is down to 50% compared to the 80% rate here (especially since this percentage is bound to go up with the recent push for prenatal testing). I suppose this has something to do with the fact that parent’s there are required to go through a DS education program and wait at least three weeks before deciding. Now if we can only educate a few more people in this country.

For those who aren’t blessed with the ability to read Nederlandse the posters say something like “I can…may I? Making things better together! Down’s syndrome, a chronic disease. Finding a treatment at last.”