Learning the potty dance

Sophia went in for a hearing test this week. We are supposed to monitor it because kids with Down Syndrome are prone to hearing loss. We haven’t noticed any problems, but thought we should take her in. As it turns out, she wasn’t ready for the behavioral test they give where she is rewarded for looking toward a sound (she was too focused on the new face of the audiologist). They went back to the test they use for newborns, but she didn’t like having the cord stuck in her ear and was really too squirmy for that to be accurate as well. She . So, they decided the test was inconclusive, but they were not necessarily worried. We are supposed to go back in 3-6 months (and see an ENT at the same time). They also confirmed that she didn’t have any fluid in her middle ear (which was a possible a source of her fevers).

Her pediatrician called after consulting with Infectious Disease and said that they agreed that Sophia should have another echocardiogram. They want to be sure there isn’t any “vegetation” or infection around her heart from surgery. We had this checked post-op and have also checked in again with cardiology, so they don’t really think that is the cause of the fevers either, but since it is a noninvasive test, they want to triple check. She also made a referral to the Sleep Clinic so we can see about getting some help with Sophia’s trouble napping. We don’t want her daytime sleepiness to negatively impact her ability to learn. She doesn’t really get too crabby, but it’s hard for her to work on things. According to the books I’ve read, her 20 minute cat-naps don’t count at all! According to the author naps have to be at least an hour to count towards their daily sleep goal. We can’t get in until the beginning of April, so we’ll have a little time under our belt trying to get two babies to nap. We’ve started our “sleep log,” so should have some data ready when we go in.

Sophia celebrated Valentines Day with her OT and speech teachers. She got to make a handprint on a card for us and show off all of her new sounds and movements. She was having a really good day and was able to stay in her quadraped position for quite awhile astounding both of her teachers. She is also able to stay up on her stomach with her arms straight for longer periods of time now. It seems like she is trying to play hide-and-seek with us. We can turn our heads for a moment without her rolling under the couch, her crib, or Papa’s light stand.

Today, Sophia had a little step-by-step lesson in potty training, as well as the “potty dance”, from her friend Hillary, after being greeted at the door with “I’m wearing underpants!” and a lift of the dress. As much as it would be nice to have potty training as an IEP goal, I think that is a ways off for us.