During rounds today, the GI team decided that they wanted to be sure that they found out about every possible issue Sophia might have before they went forward since they seem to keep running into complications.  They are sending the pulmonary team to consult about Sophia and the pulmonary team may bring in otolaryngology to consult.  


She had a temp of 102.7 at one point, so continues with the Tylenol.  Unfortunately for her, the suppository version seems to work the best.   She gets really squirmy and restless when her temp is rising, so we’ll be very happy for her when she is able to break this fever.


Since she hasn’t been eating anything orally, her mouth gets dry.  We have been giving her “lollipops”, small sponges on the ends of sticks that are soaked in sterile water.  We have to cut these hospital issue oral swabs down to fit in her mouth.  She loves the feel of them and sucks on them like crazy.  She’s also really been able to suck on the pacifier since she doesn’t have anything in her stomach to come up when she gags.  Hopefully, this will keep her eating skills up for when she will be allowed to eat again.