Little Froggie Goes a Hoppin’

Sophia has really progressed toward crawling this week. She can get up on her hands and knees on her own and can keep her stomach off the ground. This is a relief because we were worried about her dragging her MIC-KEY button if she scooted on her tummy. She reaches a little bit forward, rocks back and forth, and even scoots a little backwards. It is so adorable to watch her trying so hard. She is so insistent on being on her stomach; the other day I was changing her and before I knew it she was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees on the changing table (guess I should start using the strap). At the same time Sophia is becoming more mobile, she also seems likely to be teething–all of these milestones right when _____ is about to arrive! Things could get really interesting…

Sophia had fun seeing friends this week. She started off with a brunch shower for _____ with my department. She had fun checking out new faces and being held by new people. After about 6 new people, she needed to check in with Mama and Papa, but had fun again showing everyone how she can sit up on her own (a little wobbly, but independently for the most part).

On Saturday she got to see my college friends and all of their kids for another brunch shower. We didn’t let her join in for the waterpark fun (given the germ factor), but hopefully next time we can let her since she does love the water. Her friend Hillary got to announce excitedly that there was a baby in her Mommy’s tummy too; it made me realize that Sophia will never have that anticipation. In her mind, she will basically have always had a little sister. Hopefully, she will also not have the jealousy.

Grandma came for the shower too and stayed to work on taxes, so Sophia and Grandma got to practice with each other for the day ______’s born. Grandma left with a multiple page instruction sheet to study up on before she gets the call!

We got in to the Sleep Clinic this week with our multi-colored “sleep log” and learned basically that we have already been doing all we can to help Sophia nap. It was reassuring in one sense, but disappointing in another–no great ideas! I think the doctor felt bad, so he eventually started giving us advice for ______. He also told us that Sophia could likely still develop obstructive sleep apnea, which is common in 80% of kids with Down Syndrome. I had mistakenly thought that because she didn’t have it now, she wouldn’t get it (since with most of her other issues, they say they’ll improve with growth). Unfortunately, however, when her adenoids and tonsils grow bigger, they can exacerbate the floppy airways. So, we are supposed to listen for snoring. Sophia was weighed again, and she gained almost 1/2 pound since last week. I pulled out the box of 12 month clothes, just to check if anything would fit yet.

Afterwards, we stopped for one last breakfast out before the chaos really begins, and Sophia gave Papa a big smile when she grabbed a handful of my hash browns! There wasn’t much room in that booth for me to hold her with my huge stomach, so she ended up way too close to my plate.

After the last snow, we took her for another little sled ride, all bundled up in her froggy snowsuit. I’m sure the neighbors think it is a bit princess-like to pull her around with her boppy on top of the sled, but it keeps her from spitting up.

The midwife’s best guess is that __________ will wait until Tuesday or so, but things have really progressed, and it could be sooner. Making it to Sunday means she is considered full term (37 weeks) and won’t have to take the awful car seat test Sophia hated so badly.


  1. Wow – [deleted by administrator] sure is coming soon! Good luck to all of you! Sophia is getting to be such a big girl – that’s so exciting about the crawling. Too bad about the teething right now, though… Oh well, you’ll be up anyway. 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m so giddy to know that _____ has been given a name!! [Deleted by administator]. Now, we just get to wait with suspense as to what the new Blog will be called!!!
    Thinking of you every day Deb- the last days with baby on board are the hardest!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Hello! I hope this waterpark was not in the Brainerd area 🙂
    Keep me informed on the baby. take care!

  4. Ezra & Isaac says:

    Thanks for having a nice party.
    Maybe we can come and see you.
    Tell your Mom, Dad and sister hi.
    Ezra & Isaac

  5. christy says:

    um… “blank” sounds a lot better than “deleted by administrator”!!